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Timing (and reading the energy) is everything!

Saw this on my newsfeed today and I don’t know if I agree:

I am always tuning into the energy for right timing, and letting events in my life guide me. However, I don’t always listen, and I often pay a price for not doing so.

Lets start with the good news.

This is a page that was “hidden” on my website:

Yet that didn’t stop someone from finding it and making a request that I send them 10 wristbands (which I am happy to do):

To me this says:

1) there are still good people in this world who care (I paid to make these, I pay to send them, I offer my time, and people care enough about others to share the sentiment: that their life matters, no strings attached)

2) I can’t believe I had these made and my van logo-ed with From fear and blame to recovery and play before all this happened. If I did this now it would be in poor taste.

3) it’s time to reactivate this page

4) real contact with real people is still possible and important, caring spreads, especially when there are few people left who are still capable of being kind to self and others.

You can find it here:

And right above it, in the drop down menu, you can find my blog, which you can subscribe to, if you want:

Here: (of course you’re already here).

And the bad news is: wrong timing is wrong timing.

My mom has always hated how mean I was to her when she interrupted my work, and I still feel the anger when my kids interrupt me. I ask them to be quiet and sometimes I just work through their distractions, while feeling frustrated that they are being loud and crawling all over me. These are some of my Soul Contract and Numerology lessons that I know well (and some of my Astrology lessons are below).

Maybe there is no such thing as perfect timing, maybe sometimes we have to push things through the fog, and other times, maybe we just need to take the hint and let it go.

I love to produce my thoughts into reality, but if it takes from my happiness and health, I have to think, is it worth it?

Sending love 💕

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