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Understanding the cause is so much more important than using the numbers to threaten unwanted medical intervention

Updated: Apr 21

I took my son to see Master Yan this weekend, and I also got to witness the treatment of a client at risk for kidney dialysis, another trying to get off blood thinner injections, and one who would like to enjoy quality of life without medication.

Master Yan found what could be seen in my son's Esogetic (kirlian) photo (and live and dry blood cell analysis) to be similar to what he could identify using his own techniques. Specifically, Master Yan found my son's lungs, large intestine, and heart to be weak, his kidneys and liver to be more ok (his liver needing a boost so it can clean), and insufficient yang in his blood, on top, and at his back (hence the weak hands in his Kirlian photo and spine problems in his dry blood cell analysis):

For the client at risk kidney dialysis, he came to Master Yan barely able to walk. Since working with Master Yan, he is now able to stand up from a chair, which he had to relearn how to do, as he now has abilities he didn't have before. Medical professionals are monitoring his high creatinine levels and low eGFR (estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate), which are considered "indicative of kidney failure". The client is not interested in kidney dialysis, as it offers no quality of life. Master Yan tried treating his kidneys at first, but this did not help (which means dialysis won't work either). What did help was treating the spleen because the spleen is responsible distribution (which is upstream from the kidneys needing to filter it all out).

For the client wanting to stop blood thinner injections, the medical professionals are looking for a score of 2.0 or more, for 2 consecutive weeks, on his INR test. He is currently at 1.7, and normal is 1.1. The client is sufficiently concerned because he doesn't want to risk having a stroke. Master Yan explained that, because the spleen is responsible for making sure the blood is of ideal thickness, he may have to stop RestoreChi treatments before the blood tests, if he wants to wait until he meets medical criteria to stop the injections, because a healthy balanced spleen may not allow his INR result to go to 2.0. Staying on blood thinners for an extended period of time (or life) would damage his liver.

This client also has a history of lupus. And since working with Master Yan, he feels more peaceful inside, like his engine is smoother, he can finally relax. When he feels impatient, triggered, or his temper rise, he plays the Fire Release (one of many RestoreChi monthly tracks). Master Yan shared "when you're healed, it will be harder to throw you off." Because lupus is fire in all 5 major TCM organs, Master Yan asked the client if he was having a lot of dreams, as this is common when a person has lung fire.

It's hard for the person with lupus to consider coming off his lupus medication, as he has a history of pain and seizures, likely the result of childhood vaccines, that was finally identified and treated as lupus. His life feels so good right now that he doesn't want to go back. While Master Yan shares with him that he doesn't think he has lupus anymore (because all his organs are now balanced), the client shares that his history of domestic violence still hangs in the shadows. Master Yan checked his organs for injury at the 4th and 5th dimension (which is where emotional trauma tends to be held), and cleared it out. I tried to share the importance of having someone hold space for what may come up when he tries to come off his meds, as I had Divine Healing level one on board to use as needed, often daily or multiple times a day, to support and guide me, as I came off the psychiatric meds that I took for 10yrs, allowing me for the first time in my life to feel stable. Now I feel stable with no meds, and I am no longer shortening my life, but instead, undoing the damage done by the drugs.

Master Yan also shared that stress makes the blood more yin (at risk for clots and cancer).

For the client seeking better quality of life, she was on diabetes medication for over 3 years, not allowed to eat sugar or carbs, waking every 3 hours to pee and then being wide awake for hours.

Master Yan discovered that diabetes is an issue of the small intestine, spleen, and heart. The heart needs to have strong fire to energize the blood with yang, spleen health is required for proper distribution, and a functioning small intestine is required to absorb excess sugar from the blood.

The client can now eat a "regular" diet (within reason), has come off all her medication (as of 3 days ago), because with Master Yan's treatment, her small intestines were absorbing too much sugar, with the drugs on board. Master Yan asked her, for the next 7 days, to apply the track to her small intestine 30 mins before eating and leave it there until 2hrs after she finishes eating. They will continue to monitor her blood sugar with the device on her arm. The idea is to gradually wean her off the speaker, by getting her body used to staying in a healthy range. The client feels warmer, with more energy, because she is now able to convert carbs to energy for the body. She is also sleeping better, waking every 4.5hrs and going back to sleep almost immediately.

Master Yan found, in clients with diabetes, the damage to the spleen and small intestine is at the 14th and 15th dimension. This is why diabetes is so hard to treat with other forms of TCM.

Mastrr Yan shared his frustration that mainstream medicine has a track record of curing nothing at all, all they do is help discharge the excess sugar (for example), they don't identify or fix any of the organs!

Master Yan had previously treated the client with diabetes using what he called the "fire track" which is like the "fire release" track mentioned above (which anyone can access using the RestoreChi monthly online subscription), but the "fire track" is faster, like heating soda to remove the bubbles, instead of gently stirring it. Doing so helped her get rid of her nighttime pills but not her morning ones, because this approach was only working at the 8th and 9th dimension, now Master Yan is working at the 12-14th dimension, which is much faster. Master Yan suspects, with his latest track, that what he was able to fix in 2 weeks with 2 speakers for this client, he will probably be able to fix in 1 week with 3 speakers for the next client.

For anyone who suffers from migraines, Master Yan said "treat the heart, which will address the brain via the blood, to warm, relax, open, and clean, so everything can move" (including moving out parasites, fungi, crystals, and foreign particles like graphene oxide).

Master Yan is currently working with two tracks when you go to see him:

The one that plays on the 107.7 radio station around his office is called 3.6(1), it balances yin-yang, front and back, bottom and top, left and right, which can correct back pain, slouching (after treatment it becomes less comfortable to have bad posture), and shallow breathing.

The speakers he puts on your body, have a track called 1.2(1), which uses chi, meridian, and universal energy (from the stars) to relax, clean, and balance the organ it is placed on, to return it to ideal function/youth.

Both tracks now hold the intention that when the client stops using the track, the treatment will restart 3 days later, then again 3 days after that, and finally 6 days after that, to help the client retain and wean from the treatment.

For my middle child, who I've mentioned has issues with her left eye turning in, which results in double vision, fear and sadness at night, pain around her belly button, and cold hands and feet, Master Yan recommended placing 1.2(1) on her spleen and left kidney for her eyes, and her heart and small intestine to improve circulation and digestion.

She is so health-conscious, that it is sad to hear, that because she is an IVF baby, fusion did not happen in the womb, so she lacks yang energy, and is at risk for being cold, not absorbing her food, and developing diabetes. Other common risks for kids conceived via IVF are allergies and leukemia, due to underdeveloped kidneys.

Finally, to add some fun to this article, but also to "clear something up" and show a bigger picture, I always thought people marvelling at Master Yan moving the weather was just a party trick, and what mattered most was does the person feel better. However, on this day, one of his lead students was showing me photos she took of the eclipse, and how Master Yan was opening the clouds enough so people could see, but closing them enough so people could capture a photo (see the one photo with not enough cloud coverage to make the shape of the eclipse visible):

The connection Master Yan used to make is as follows: "the clouds are like a cancer tumor, and I just go in there and break it up".

Much like he now says "you can't put an acupuncture needle in the heart, but I can put a speaker there, if you have a missile you go straight for the capital, if you don't, then you need people to go across the borders to get there, acupuncture uses meridians to get to the organ, I go to the organ, and from there a healthy organ can push through the meridians".

The sun is yang, the clouds are yin, we need both, warmth, and protection.

When you stand next to Master Yan, you can look at the sun, without glasses, and without an eclipse. The sun appears dark blue and the rays around it are dark pink. I don't know how it works, but my son is too young to perceive it and the temporary damage to my eyes seemed to take longer to heal than the damage to Master Yan's eyes (he wears glasses) or an older person. Maybe the older we are, the more yang we can handle, and it's not a party trick to me anymore.

I hope this helps.

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