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Valid-dictorian, Rave, HiveMind, 2027

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

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I write this not to increase fear, but to stimulate a normal amount of common sense. This article came to me in the night and this song in the morning:

This made me think of who is valid to speak for us, to dictate to us, what we should do and what we should or should not believe or fear?

My friend sent me this song yesterday ( saying the singer died from the V. When I looked this up, it turns out the fat-checkers jumped all over it and said it’s not true.

I also discovered Larry King died post V, not from the V but from sepsis (serious infection in the lung, digestive, or excretion tract - sure sounds like he was trying to clear his body of something?!).

I’m just curious why preV no matter what the cause of death it was called C, even now if you try to seek hell-care you often can’t be seen unless you’re willing to go to the emerg (for a C test, dr-ughs and isolation you don’t want, and an intubator shoved down your throat, see stories about the singer, not sure why he needed an intubator for his claimed cause of death) because all symptoms are considered possible C, yet, if you die postV they call your death the result of anything but what it plainly is (the V). I’ve had at least 3 major fatal postV incidents in my family, C was easy to clear in those who got it.

I know there are people who get long haul C, and everything post C is considered possible long haul C, but, there are many alternative practitioners who can help to clear these symptoms. To do so, I think you have to move away from the medi-cull model, that uses medi-sin to cull people:

Words don’t lie, they tell us the root of the issue. Con-spear-I-see: the lie that I can see and stab with my spear.

In any case. The founder of Human Design had a prophecy that in 2027 only Rave children could be born. They would be severely handicapped and would probably be sent to a group home to be raised. When 3-5 or more Rave children are together they would begin to use a hive mind. This is a prophecy I didn’t really want to integrate, it seemed too far fetched. But, Human Design integrates East, West, and in between: the chakras system, the iching, and astrology, brought together by a canadian (Ra Uru Hu), who said 2027 is not something he wants to be around to witness, he died in the early/mid 2000s. If you look him up, you may think he’s a fraud, but so it goes online for all people and modalities providing a meaningful alternative perspective for health, healing, spirituality, and wisdom in our time. But, look at your unique Human Design and you will find nothing but super helpful confirming truths and guidance for your life...

Why 2027? Every 100 and something years we get a mutation in how the human energy body works. The last mutation moved us into the Cross of Planning in the 1800s, and this was the birth of the industrial revolution, factory schools, and working together. We moved from a 7 centered to a 8 centered body, the old solar plexus (power) split into the new solar plexus (emotions) and the spleen (instincts and health). In 2027 we are moving into the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix (see how prevalent this name has become?), and we are getting another mutation to the solar plexus and how it functions with our sacral energy, which changes the way we relate (we will stop working together - no more gov-urn-ment, big harm-us, big tech, fake money and debt, gee-em-ohs, and factory schools) and how we procreate. The Phoenix is sleeping, and when she wakes she will be angry at what we have allowed to happen to our lives, she will burn it all to ashes, and fly above, so we can start again.

So, I ask you, when the authorities say ”they know there are no long term effects of the V” do you think they are valid to dictate this?

When fen-fen led to the birth of children with no arms and legs, and the major uptake of this V is among those coming of age right now, who need the social freedom to find themselves, which means the teens, 20s, and 30s, who in 2027 will be of child bearing age.

The other major uptake of the V are among those who have no confidence in themselves to make it on their own, believe everything they hear on the news, and have not resolved their fear of death, which even children can resolve, and Tibetans have a daily practice (turning over the tea cup) and a book of teachings to help them understand: that we are all going to die and we need to learn how to do so with grace.

I don’t know about you, but anyone entering into this with no caution doesn’t feel like a valid-dictorian to me, in fact, none of us should dictate, we should all try to figure it out for ourselves:

I met someone who reads Akashic Records and she said to her reader friends “you’ve been inside this V, you’ve seen the darkness, why would you ever let it into your body?”.

I’m not a record reader, but I can follow and read energy, and so can you if you learn to be honest with your self. I’ve been inside the energy of depression, and it’s scary, but it’s smoke and mirrors in the end. The energy of the V, is shackles upon shackles upon shackles, you just can’t move. You clear a dose, they order another, you clear another, they order another. Many don’t even have the courage to try to break the first set of shackles.

It’s interesting that people take it to gain freedom in this physical/social world, while they lose it in the energetic/spiritual realm. It actually made me really happy to see that many restaurants and entertainment services that require a V to enter sat mostly empty last night.

Energetically exploring the V is one of the few things that I literally had to open my eyes to disengage from, unlike trauma release or depression, where, if you simply walk through with confidence, you come out the other end, much wiser than if you remained too afraid to go in.

So, it’s up to you, common sense, senseless fear, I hope your vali-dictorian is you and only you. I know having had and cleared C, all of this is behind us for my family, and that is much better than never ending Vs trapped under a M to brew k-ill-us bacteria, which is how we got C from a Ved person in the first place. Sending love.

ps. Isn’t it interesting, that both singers mentioned in this article, suffered most of their life, and tragically lost their life, as a result of the generational impact of systemic white body supremacy, and yet, the people driving the mainstream narrative have the nerve to say: “they know that there will be no long term side effects of Vbody supremacy”.

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