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Virtue signaling comes full circle

So, there are people trying to bring back the mandates, and trying to get people to boycott airlines that are allowing passengers to ride mask free, and yet the Vfree are still not allowed to travel or leave the country (Canada). And it doesn’t matter. In my opinion, we are not seeing a spike in covid, per say, but a reaction to the launch of more emf, which always causes illness, because what is inside of us (heavy metals and the V), needs to come out. The M in emf stands for magnetic, after all…

Everyone, in all of this, is going to get a turn, where the policies do not meet their wishes or demands, no matter how right anyone thinks they are.

Because this is about seeing the perspectives of others, which means everyone’s perspective, even the ones you don’t like.

We do have to start to consider things in multiple perspectives and find some middle ground that we can live with. I am not here to make it ok for you to do whatever you want.

However, when we think about blood batteries, blood diamonds, GMO foods, or even how Sid in “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” steals eggs he finds on the ground, taking them to raise as his own, even though his friend tells his that “stealing eggs is exactly what indicates he is not ready to be a parent”, and eventually the mama shows up and they do find some middle ground, and some gift in the kids having had exposure to both the sloth (who wants them to be vegetarian), and the dinosaur (who knows they need to eat meat).

So, these kids digging for cobalt, their families complaining, the poverty that drives it, the companies that take advantage, even though a company may try to do better and have standards. Can we just pay people what it’s worth to do something dangerous, or do we just not do it, or do we give money to the company more likely to be ethical if they could (since “the EV market is not there yet”, implying one day it could be)? And, we choose where we are born, so we can have the experiences available there. It’s not “right”, but this is the variety offered in a lifetime on earth, and why we line up to be here.

Its interesting that there are people saying “don’t teach evolution”, but not necessarily because they want to teach creationism, but because it is not about survival of the fittest, it’s not about competition, it’s about cooperation. And cooperation is not about throwing sh*t at each other either, just sharing what we know, so we can move forward to something better together, with more awareness.

Look at the story line for The Simpsons Season 33 Episode 13 or 14 (depending on where you look for the info):

It’s interesting that out of nowhere someone’s identity can be slandered, even though their intentions may have been good, or maybe they are “just human”, triggered by the things unhealed, and the price to wipe their slate clean also wipes clean the slate of true political criminals. That hits pretty close to home. People willing to be thought ill of, to allow people to see the dark truth about another.

And then this, I saw it on a car ahead of me, but would I ever have the guts to put something like this on my car? I have been reading about Jesus lately, but, more specifically, about the people who walked with him, they seem to have more to say than Jesus himself. Even passover, is about one group of people not having their first born killed, while another group does, why do we celebrate this?

We’re all trying, awareness of others is good, and being more kind, more open hearted, more allowing of others to have their lessons: develop cancer from the V, have your kids taken in by dangerous cobalt mines for $1 or less, it’s all very sad, but, can we blame others?

I raise my kids as best as I can, to not make dumb choices, when carrots are dangled in front of their faces. Will my kids still make foolish choices, yup. And they will discover what I can’t, and it’s their life. But I get to cast my vote, as I raise them, and I choose what I exposed them to, and how to buffer them from the truth of others, and that is all I can do.

Do I want a diamond on my hand, when some people die to collect diamonds, not really, at the same time, my husband got this for me before I knew there was anything wrong with it, and it has meaning beyond that for me, so I need not make a fuss and throw it all away.

Sometimes there is no good choice: gas guzzle or EV, and we just have to move with what feels right, or with what has the most potential to eventually be right, for us… to be honest, I am more embarassed that we can find a way to afford an EV than I am about the battery. We are part of the divide in rich and poor, which I never wanted to be, but many people can’t afford because they hoard, and we don’t do that either. We live, day to day.

And why this on my blog? Well, we need to find our own way, our own truth, clear out our baggage, so we understand our experience, behavior, and choices, and then, if we use the right modality, suddenly make new choices, and see something new, unstuck, multiple lives in one, that is what my work is about. Shift, move, learn, grow.

And this:

I was drawn to Soul Contract because it finally allows people to tell themselves a different story, to understand their experiences in a new way, that offers more possibilities than victim mode.

Except, I have seen people take Soul Contract and turn it into something where the reader thinks they know more than the client, and that they have a cart blanche to keep saying where the client is not aligned to their life, and this to me is bull sh*t!

Soul Contract gives you a perspective, Astrology gives you another perspective, Gene Keys gives you another perspective, Human Design gives you another perspective, Esogetic Medicine gives you another perspective, Healy gives you another perspective, all are fine, but don’t marry your self to any one, and especially not any one practitioner’s perspective. It’s all opinion, like an a-hole, we all have one, even you, use it!

Sending love.

You can enter into self empowerment, or you can give your power away, you can say you have no choice, or you can make an informed or uninformed choice, you can compete, or you can cooperate, you can restrict your life, or you can learn to open up and self-care, even if opening up puts you at risk of what others choose to do.

Listen to your self, and others, and then feel the energy, to find your truth.

I buy bottled water, even though I know I “shouldn’t”, because I don’t like what the city, or the water filtering companies, do to the water (violence or additions, forcing it through right angles, etc), filters filter out too much, additives can cause illness, reusable bottles mold. There is rarely a perfect solution, but we do the best we can, and tinker, until we get it as close to right as possible.


Maybe Vanilla Ice was right (but, is anything less than the best truly a felony?):

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