Visualizations for the spyke factories

I’m on my 2nd major illness since the V has been in circulation, and this time 2 of my kids got sick too. My 2yr old had a major nightmare last night screaming “get out, get out, get out”.

I am watching a series by Jonathan Otto, and speaking to others about how they are navigating things.

Here are some thoughts:

1) the people who are now spyke factories, as a result of taking the V, need to know what they are putting out in the world and how it is hurting children, mothers, and the environment. So I am now mentally putting in place a RETURN TO MANUFACTURE policy.

The person who got us sick this time flew 5hrs+ across the country, likely through 3 airports and 2 flights, M on, and then came straight to our home, in fact my 2yr old was in the pick up car.

I imagine the M allowed the spykes to build up inside her, more than if she could breathe some out, and thus got her mildly sick, and us very sick!

I say this hurts moms and kids because: kids cuddle with other adults and often sleep with their mom, making them the transfer vector for these shedding spikes.

Why does a 1hr across border trip require a quar-an-teen, but a 5hr across country trip does not?

The V makes things more dangerous, not less!

Especially when they say “if you have been double Ved, you can ignore all common sense and common courtesy when it comes to keeping your distance when you are sick, or when you have been in contact with someone who is sick”, especially since the V admittedly does not protect anyone from getting sick or from getting others sick!!

2) If spykes are already in your system, imagine them binding to IVM and being taken out of your body. Binding to IVM is a way to prevent spykes from binding to previous injuries, dormant veye-ruses, and key organs, causing inflammation, autoimmune issues, and the re-awakening of illness and pain.

3) There are always people who make too many rules. The best way to deal with them is to refuse to play with them. Then they have to change their tune, or be alone. Let the spyke factories congregate, and make each other sick. We don’t need any part of that!

4) This I put less energy behind, because I think it’s risky, when you can just do step 3). But, the V apparently has lip-id nahnoh particles to get it across your blood brain barrier and magnets to attract it to sites of injury and growth in the body (it’s attracted to the iron in your blood). If you deactivate these components mentally, and arm your cell membranes with a DO NOT ENTER energy, maybe the V will find no home, and simply exit the body. I’ve heard this can feel like a chill, followed by going pee.

5) Likewise, if you already had the V, and finally realize it was a mistake, you can visualize starving your cells of calories and supporting them with nutrients (vitamins etc) for 6 imaginary days. There is no such thing as time in mental imagery, so you don’t actually have to do this for 6 days, simply as needed, as much as needed, until you feel your factories have been shut down. The idea is, if there is not enough calories, cells don’t waste their time building pro-teens, they refocus on preserving life, and after 6 days maybe the instructions to print a 3D spyke get lost/forgotten/cleared out. And please stop opening franchises by taking multiple doses and boo-stirs!!!!

The goal is to keep people out of the H and to keep them from dying (which makes keeping them out of the H key). The way to do this is NOT with the V, it’s learning how to self care at home and how to be kind to others.

The nonVed don’t want the shedding spykes from the Ved. If you are Ved, rather than mocking others and refusing to believe or take action, please respect requests for zero physical contact, until you deal with your prolific spyke shedding problem!

And if you are cuddling a Ved, you may want to stop, because even if you don’t get sick, you can carry it to others.

6) And if you know a child has been cuddling a Ved, you can mentally blast them with IVM, in an attempt to remove the circulating spykes. Just make sure the bind is permanent, and that the spykes don’t release from them and into you, or another. Maybe offer it up to a higher power, for complete destruction and removal, because my first major illness, post circulating V, came from running a healing track for me, which loosened the spykes in a child, sending them into me, and this is why I don’t run healing tracks, unless I know I am in the presence of only nonVed and those with little to no contact with the Ved.

I am sorry to return to sender, but people who have allowed the V into their circulation need to feel what they are doing to others, with what is actually a very lazy and selfish move.

Many parents are approached not to V their kids, many parents refuse to look into this, due to lack of time and confidence in their skills and that the community will support them, even if they don’t V their kids. All Vs.

This was me too. I didn’t think I could navigate illness, so I took the easy route, until I realized there is beauty in navigating health and illness, naturally. It’s empowering. Let the mainstream be mainstream, return to sender. Maybe others will wake up too!

ps. You could get mad about the money and the wrongness of it all, but money doesn’t really exist, only the lessons matter. Don’t waste your energy, it’s a trap, when you could be doing so much more, to make this world a better place. Thank you to those who support and educate others in self care! 💕

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