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We are one - are you infecting and attacking the rest or are you aligned with unconditional love?

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

I’ve been digesting a lot of information lately.

If you know my writing, you know I am not a fan of allopathic medication, vack C nation, cutting into our bodies, or violently shoving in devices to force breathing, etc.

I feel more aligned with what I feel is true healing, love, bodywork, using nature, plants, natural rhythms, spiritual and ancient wisdom, even holographic and information science (meaning connecting you with your true life purpose, why you are here, and aligning with that, to access your health), etc.

I truly believe that all we need to do is to be honest with ourselves, connect with our unique truth, and leverage practitioners who love us and will hold us, with their unique knowledge of how our bodies (plural, multiple bodies for each person) work, so that we can heal on multiple levels. And, I think this is often more than one person, who will hold space for our healing, using their unique lens, expertise, angle, etc.

So, back to being all one...

When you think of a virus, like the corona virus. The idea is that it enters the body, attaches to a healthy cell, infects it with its faulty DNA, and then encourages that cell to use its power (generating/replicating ability) to copy these defects and spread them to other cells.

The mainstream role of the “immune system“ is to recognize these invaders and say “hey you, you don’t belong, get out of here”. Then to label these invaders as ‘not belonging’, so that the other host cells know not to let them in or to escort them out.

This is not much different from our need to be critical about the information we let into our heads!! And for how long we let it cause damage in us and whether we are going to vomit that garbage on others.

I was looking over my husband’s shoulder this weekend, as he gazed at the paper, and I saw a phrase with the word combo “deadly pandemic“. It’s not uncommon nowadays, many emails come in talking about what to do during this <insert heavily emotionally charged words> time. But to me, this is all garbage!

Deadly? Pandemic? Really?

I’ll be honest with you: I know people in many places of the world. I have heard of two local people who had someone in their family who may have contracted the virus (both recovered fine, as far as I know), and two people who were in contact with someone who tested positive (none of them caught the illness, despite the two week quarantine), another two people who were sick, got themselves tested, and either got a negative result or got better before the test came back, and I have heard of two families overseas who tested positive and got better, after a few tough days of illness. I have also heard of two people who died of natural causes and a freak accident, totally unrelated to the corona virus.

So, it’s not looking like too deadly of a pandemic to me.

What about you, and your personal experience?

I even know someone in a nursing home, over 90yrs old, in a high risk province, with many complicating factors, and she’s fine!

I see the news and the fear spreading like a virus, but not the pandemic.

With all this going around, I think we have to ask ourselves: “who do we want to be?” which is closely tied to “who are we?” and “are we well aligned?”

The only people who can assess for us that are: ourselves, when we take the time to connect to our truth / higher self / source / the energy (to see what we can trust and what doesn’t feel right), people who understand ancient wisdom, or powerful body workers (many of whom are not “allowed” to see clients at this time, and you have to wonder - why?).

A body worker can take the time to assess a healthy body and clear out garbage or correct alignment to allow the flow of information, function, natural detox, or even just the ability to walk and physically move in a balanced, aligned, and healthy way. Why are they not allowed to practice?

When hairdressers and children and consumer-based business are now allowed to go back to normal, at their discretion. Kids, literally going to school, to try to function with 6ft or 2 meter distance between them? When just a few months ago teachers striked to keep class sizes down from 30 to 26 students, now I see classrooms of 8 students set up in Quebec, and ridiculous expectations of having 6yr olds standing on dots 6ft apart, to wait for their turn to enter, to access anti-bacterial chemicals (for a viral illness), happy to say our anti-bacterial bottle and box of gloves are still full and unopened at home! My heart bled for the grocery store check-out person, who appears to be having an allergic reaction (in his face and hands) due to all the chemicals he is exposed to, though his check-out station did smell and look sparkly clean.

I digress.

My point is: we need to be aligned to our truth! Not to prop-po-gan-dah! When you hear a story about someone you know, and it doesn’t sound right, it’s ok to question what you are being told. When the media or the fear says one thing, but your reality says another, it’s ok to suspend judgement or willingness to take what media says as true and then spread it. Spreading gossip doesn’t make you cool, it makes you a downer. The one who rains on the parade, who tells people how long it will be cold or rainy, instead of taking it day by day.

I want to encourage you, not to be foolish, not to start a fight, not to rebel, but to find YOUR truth.

There is no rush. You don’t have to get out there ASAP and make money or find a job or get your kids back on track.

In fact, so long as there is fear in the world, your kids belong at home with YOU, where they feel safe. The world today is NO place for children. They can not and do not need to understand or process this sh*t. It’s our sh*t! We need to process it and clean it up. So we can live a healthy life, and offer our kids better.

Fear has no place in raising children (nor does being phony, fake, or condescending). Fear is just a warning of “don’t go that way”. Fear was never meant to be blown out of proportion. It’s just something to say “thank you” to, then go the other way.

So, thank you.

Take some time, find your self, align with your truth, show love to your fellow cells.

We are all cells in one big body, inhabitating and literally a part of the earth (we live IN the ecosystem of the earth, not on it).

Do you want to be the infected cell who infects the others with fear?

Or do you want to be the loving cell who says ”I see you, I support you, I know you care, and so do I, let’s work together, I know the way”?

Sending you love, hoping you find your way, I am here if you seek guidance.

Love, bless, and strong, now and always,

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

You Have A Life Plan

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Cover photo credit: Pineterest, Energy Medicine by RAF Perez, ENERGETIC ANATOMY – Complete Guide To The Human Energy Fields And Etheric Bodies – by How To Exit The Matrix – 12-8-17 – by Cyndi Dale

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