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We don’t need to debate, just to inform

This goes round and round: that it is ok to take mental health medication, that a mental health condition is the same as a physical health condition, and no one tells a person with a physical health condition not to take meds (which is actually not true, many people also criticize physical health medication)…

My truth is: I took lamotrigine and risperidone daily for 10yrs, and ativan and sleeping aids as needed, and I was told several times “you know those drugs are killing you, right?”.

My truth is: I had read the studies, people with bipolar disorder die at least 10yrs younger, and I assume it’s because of the meds, but I didn’t care. I’d been wanting to die most of my life, I‘ve never been too attached to being here.

But, I also wasn’t doing what I could be doing, to actually accept my self, and not need the medication.

Now, probably 5yrs med-free, I am starting to find true physical health, and a desire to be here, after using the modalities I use with my clients to accept who I am, prior to coming off my meds.

For me, this is better, it’s kinder.

I know, mainstream likes to medicate, so they can keep forcing, or have an excuse to be excused. But, there is an option to just opt out and say “that’s actually not for me”, and then focus on what is. To me, this is health, not bottle(s) of pills. Because we are lacking nothing, other than self acceptance, self love, self care, and the knowledge and support to do so, imo.

And, it doesn’t have to be a fight. No one has to be ultimately right or more virtuous.

We can each choose what feels right for us. I’m just putting this option on the table, too.

Sending love, not shame. 💕

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