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We need a chance to actualize before we are forced to con-form (because then it’s not a con anymore)

A friend sent me this:

While I’m sure I don’t fully understand the model, and I did write here that we may need to focus on our basic needs first, we certainly don’t also need approval from others, in order to be true to our selves.

But, what this model adds, for me, is kids don’t need to be forced to con-form, they should be allowed the space to see who they are. However long it takes them to learn to read, or write, or do math, or show interest in such things. The critical window is not for them to learn, but for us to force.

And this has been the gift of covid for us.

Before I was judged for taking my kids out of school because they didn’t want to go, now, it’s more socially acceptable. While, I am not removing them out of fear, but more out of not wanting them exposed to the programming or having them have to be somewhere where the protection from parents is locked out.

We will try public school in Sept, if the masks stay off, but if it’s more of this BS, I’ll happily hold space for my kids at home, as there are plenty in the community who support us, unless they go into lockdown again too, and even if so, we can still survive, as we have for the past 2.5 years. And, I think fewer and fewer are going to believe the BS anymore, or allow it to control them with fear. I hope.

Sending 💕🍃

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