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What can Esogetic Medicine do for Varicose Veins?

Well, the answer to this question is very individual.

We can start with this flow diagram:

...which shows that Varicose Veins are the result of a dysregulation in stress hormones, that have gotten so bad that the gonadotropin arm is impacted.

The gonadotropin arm being the mediator that moves stress from the endocrine (HPA) response (what we generally think of, in mainstream, as leading to inflammatory disorders), to something that can engage the lymphatic system, to try to push the stressor out, through illness-like symptoms. And this is good, even though most people are trying to avoid having symptoms nowadays, for fear of a test, driving up the numbers, or they do what we do to the kids, and just cut out the reacting organ (i.e., tonsils, appendix, tooth, tubes in the ears, you name it, drug it or remove it, but rarely actually deal with the reason why the symptoms appeared to begin with).

As per my post (please excuse my typo):

...for my own healing, I took into consideration my current stressors and other symptoms/indications, to see what else could support my body with love.

I have no expectation of clearing this varicose vein, only trying to understand and love it, with gratitude that my body is still speaking to me, and trying to guide me. Because it is far worse when the connection between body, past, symptoms, and present life is severed, and we simply lie to our selves and say "everything is great, everything is fine, I'm just getting old or I have bad genes", not true.

Turns out I could use some support from RestoreChi in: Kidneys, Lungs, Liver, Spleen, Varicose Veins, and Reconnect 5 Organs.

I also selected the treatment below, in part because I enjoy the brainwave treatments applied to reflex zones on my body, and in part because this is part of the main lymphatic pump, as well as a way for me to find my direction, between ultimate truth (Daath, Pluto) and personal needs (Yesod, the Moon). Balancing the elements (fire, earth, air, and water) on a subtle level, with brainwaves to transmit the message into each of my cells, on a physical level.

This world is confusing and stressful right now.

I was speaking with a fellow healer and mom. She said that it is important that she never refer to her self as a healer, even though she has a lot of training, titles, and skills. While I agree, and it is also how I have been trained (to acknowledge my self as only the person who holds space for the client to heal themselves). I also listen, diagnose, and try to identify the knowledge, technique, and tools that may aid the client, in empowering them, to take ownership and make changes to their life, in order to heal. We don't heal in any other way, in my opinion. And this is apparently the difference between Chiron (the wounded healer) who holds space for others to heal, and Asclepius (supposed founder of allopathic medicine) who saw himself as the healer of others.

Sure, you can remove a bad vein, but if you have not learned to self-care and manage the stress and emotions that caused the bad vein to form in the first place, you are only going to create another bad vein, and continue to suffer being cut into.

We need more love that we do hate. That is for sure. I hope this give you a glimpse into what this modality can be like.

In our astrology class today, we learned that the 3rd house, although it is about communication, it is not about social communication, it is about broadcasting communication, from the person's unique point of view.

That is what this is, until we meet in a session, and then it is you, who broadcasts to me, and then together we search for what may work, to find your way out, or not.

Until then, sending love.

Alahnnaa Campbell

Go here, for more about how you can Find your Truth using Esogetic Medicine

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