What’s happening post V?

With every successive dose of the V, maybe the increase in C numbers, since the V has been released, is not the delta very🐜 after all, but a mere shedding of the 3D product, that the computer modeled V, is asking so many bodies to produce, again and again, which drains the plant/body doing the work and infects the gardens/plants/environment/bodies all around, like blowing on a overripe dandelion?:

Did you know the trend for the Canadian population has not declined in the time we had C?:

I wonder if it will start to decline now that Canada is looking to procure 409 million doses over the next 2-3yrs (see below), for its population of 38 million (see above), which includes those currently under the eligible age for the V, and yet they are Ving pregnant women, so they are Ving fetuses!!:

from: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-services-procurement/services/procuring-vaccines-covid19.html

Are you willing to take 10-13 more doses (and force your loved ones to take or endure shedding from your body) over the next 2-3yrs, in order to maintain a fullyV status?

You know, like adding ventilation to the school system (which is like giving a tumor it’s own blood supply), this is just a way to keep funneling large contracts of printed made up money to their buddies, right?

How many doses do you think your body, your loved ones, the earth, and it’s wildlife can handle?

Would you deliberately plant 10-13x the number of dandelions in your garden just because someone said you should?

I don’t mean to be disrespectful to any families who feel they lost loved ones to what is called C.

When have we ever seen an increase in illness (or other related life threatening conditions) post the release of a V, that is deemed safe and effective?

Why are deaths post V called C deaths (or due to prior conditions)?

I know people are scared, emotions are high, but we need to ground in our bodies, to see clearly, if we want to get through this together. Stop dissociating, we are still all in this together!

I think we have entered a time where we can no longer trust reported cause of death.

People are dying during this tragedy, after the “solution” was widely released, and their solution is to force more of their “solution”, that alone is highly suspicious, to me.

Post inspired by these people who care:


I feel so blessed, that we have so many, doing so much, to make a difference, in this time.

Are you doing your part?


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