When your problems are caused by the meh-dee-cul system…

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Like many, I had braces as a kid. Braces in the 1990s were made of nickel. Nickel can cause depression. I also broke a thermometer by putting it on a hot lightbulb over my bed, because I didn’t want to go to school. I was also terrified of my abusive step father, so instead of asking for help, I brushed away the evidence, and slept in mercury for years. Mercury causes lung/large intestine problems and bipolar disorder.

When I finally got rid of my abusive stepfather, no one held space for what I had been through. I was blamed and mocked by my mother and her friend. So, I took an extra large bottle of Tylenol, and destroyed my liver.

A practitioner asked me the other day “when did the abuse end?”, my response: “does the abuse ever end?”. My parents allowed this to happen to me many times over because they were and are sh*tty parents, because they themselves didn’t receive good parenting, because at every level we are brainwashed by mainstream expectations to disconnect from our ability to be good people, who care for our children, with our heart…

A body with a destroyed liver can not clear heavy metals. The only place for heavy metals to go in these kind of situations is the brain. Not good.

Some say “you’re no less wise with your wisdom teeth removed“, but this is actually not true.

Surgery cuts through meridians, and fibers are never perfectly reconnected. The wisdom teeth are tied to the heart and small intestine meridian (which is about following your truth and discerning what is good for you, versus what should be discarded).

The main reason we “need“ braces and wisdom teeth removed is because mothers do not nurse their children for long enough and our food is so over processed that we don’t chew enough to generate a strong pallet (for life) and room for our teeth. Much like our feet should be wide and well grounded, our mouths should be wide, with room for not just one but two sets of wisdom teeth!

Destroyed liver, full of heavy metals, wisdom teeth removed (so I wouldn’t need to take time off work), I went into my mid 20s with severe anxiety, and after taking an anti-malaria V, fell into a major depression, which was later reclassified as bipolar disorder, based on my hyper-cycling response to traditional anti-depression meh-dee-cation, and my prior manic episode, in response to my second of 3 major massive weight losses and many sleep disturbances, which the standard meh-dee-cul tests showed no cause for, just envy for a “good way to lose weight” and the naturopathic tests showed a state beyond repair (because it was trauma that needed to be faced).

In some societies, bipolar and schizophrenia are recognized as a gift, and eligibilty to be trained as a shaman, to support your community, but, mainstream doesn’t like people doing anything that gives them the courage not to con-form. Hence the mind numbing obsession with (the mainstream version of) mindfulness, emotion regulation, exposure therapy, positive affirmations, and all the other cruel ways we teach people to ignore or devalue their truth.

Anyhoo. The mainstream solution for mental health problems is mental hell drugs, which are apparently loaded with flu-or-ide, which, not only calcifies our pineal gland (needed for sleep and dreams, which allows for the processing and finding life direction from conflict/trauma, not to mention connection to our spiritual side/gifts), flu-or-ide also destroys our thyroid (closely connected to our relationship with dad, and our ability to go out in the world and be who we want to be).

Then they turn on the fhive gee, which is magnetically drawn to those carrying heavy metals, to make them sick, or adverse to technology, silencing their voice and impact on so-sigh-E.T. Not that this is their goal, its just an acceptable price to pay for the “advancement” of so-sigh-E.T.

After all this, at every turn, the cause is mainstream meh-dee-sin. Their tools, their methods, their mindset, and their ingest/inject-ables.

Do you think mainstream is the place to turn to heal? When they can not even admit the true cause, because they are the true cause, and that is not allowed to be true?

When I was on my mental hell dr-ughs for 10yrs, an alternative practitioner said “you know that stuff is k’illing you, right?”. I did. As a mental health researcher I read about it. I also read that my childhood experience constituted abuse in a textbook, which triggered me to have panic attacks, because my parents and teachers had always denied my experience as qualifying for abuse, or anything that deserved any attention or support. Parents and mainstream education don’t actually want to help kids, they just want to collect their paycheck with minimal trouble/effort.

Bipolar disorder is associated with a reduced life expectancy of 10yrs. And I didn’t care. I’ve been wanting to die for the majority of my life, until I learned who I am, was able to accept myself, disregard the sh*t my parents say, and leave mainstream, to live my life.

And now I detox, with the support of people that can call poison and mind/body con-troll for what it is. Only when we can be honest with what mainstream sh*tty parenting, education, and hell-care does to us, can we step away and heal.

Grateful. And you?

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