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Who’s your guide?

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

As a projector, by Human Design, I’ve always wondered “why on earth Generators (manifesting or non), Manifestors, and Reflectors want to become coaches/guides of any sort for others, they are such a mismatch, because we are taught projectors are the only true guides…

This video (of two generators talking) offers some clarity around the 17min mark (and the comment of “it was nice to watch you both grow in this conversation” was surely made by a projector, the only ones who can see):

While the title of the video above is not my cup of tea, and I wouldn’t have watched it had someone (a manifesting generator) not offered me a strong recommendation with the timing at which to start listening (around the 15-20min mark)…

Here is what I heard:

- people with spleenic authority never fall for anything, they just know better, so they don’t take the V, and for my own add: it never feels right for them to follow mainstream anything, they have a different purpose than to “want to be”, and

- generators will master a craft after 10yrs, but projectors will study like mad, not because they need to know more (they come preloaded to guide), instead they are searching for a way to translate what they know through a medium that others can recognize…

I always knew my studies were “searching for something I needed”, and I can seem quite callous (or lucky) in terms of who to train with when and when to stop training with them. I am literally putting the pieces together, nothing personal, even though (on the human level) it can feel quite dramatic (says the Scorpio sun, with Aries moon and rising, and Pluto conjuncut Venus by her North Node in Libra)!!

And, back to not being able to guide others unless you’re a projector, well, that is kind of wrong.

I’ve always known that those with an open identity, when operating correctly (i.e., when they know who they are, and release their conditioning/not-self) can guide, because they take the other into themselves fully and can say which way they should go. But this ability is fleeting, because they often then try to take the wheel, and they can’t drive another person’s life, no one can, except maybe a manifestor (who can only crash you into a wall, because their truth is not yours, it’s a life lesson).

The video above describes that projecters actually see you fully and can teach you about you because they see all the connections, on many levels.

There is a reason the founder of Human Design (Ra Uru Hu) gifted all Projectors and Reflectors with a 20% discount on all Human Design training (offered through Jovian), but the other major teachers (Karen Curry Parker and Chetan Parkyn, both Manifesting Generators) do not offer such a gift, haha… because generators are self focused, and Ra is the only unconditioned manifestor I have ever seen. An unconditioned anyone simply plays their role, with no concern for the outcome, what they get, or being liked.

Ra knew Human Design is for the children, but sadly he discovered that you can’t get to the children unless you decondition their parents first. Projectors are the future, we are the growing 20% of the population, while Manifestors are the decreasing 10%. And my guess is reflectors reflect us, so they are like children, and deserve to know who they are and who they are not.

Force is dying, personal power is increasing. Let me explain: A Manifestor as a guide is not really a guide, they are a force. A force is needed to break people through sometimes. But a force is not a guide, a guide supports YOU to do it, a force does it for you by giving you the push to do, and when they’re gone, you are left to decide is this new you you? Very likely it is not, because the only you that is right for you is the one that only you can find (and build) your self. While a projector can find you, they can also be not quite right, it require’s your input to find you, but the manifestor doesn’t know how to care about that, they can only force, they are looking for peace, and they don’t find that by being blocked by you (even if your desires are the end goal). While a projector is a natural psychologist, who (if deconditioned/aligned) is quite curious to see where you push back and where you push forward, on your own, literally and figuratively.

And the reflector (our beautiful baby girl), though often a hot mess if not raised right (we will raise our daughter to know who she is, because she gifted us with a projector big sister, who guided me to human design before her birth, so we would recognize her when she arrived) is here to reflect to others the state of the world. If they are sick and screaming, the energy is bad, people stay away when they hate themselves and draw near when they love, because all the reflector has to show you is you.

This very different from a projector, who’s name brands them with “projecting upon you what is their own shit”, when this is not really what they do. Sure, some projectors may, because, like all types, they could be conditioned, and fail to know who they are, and how they are affected by others.

A projector shows you you on the mental level, by explaining to you who you are and how the connections work, based on the languages that they know (see below). A reflector shows you you on a dramatic level, by showing you who you are by they way they are “acting”. An open identity (of any type) does this too, but they are much more clouded by their own definition. Anyone with less than 3 centers defined can let go, others can not.

So, back to “who is your guide?”, go here to look up their human design.

A projector is not really using the modalities they are trained in in their pure form, but in a way that allows them to offer their true gift of guidance. The modalities they are trained in are simply the languages they have learned, to express what they already can see (quite naturally) to you. Seek them if you want access to what they can see and you enjoy speaking in the languages/modalities that they know.

A generator (manifesting or not) will lend you their energy, but what they are doing is always for themselves, to become a master themselves. This is not a bad thing, we are meant to work together (all of us). We are drawn to generators, they are magnets, which makes them the only true “manifestors” (I.e., picture what you want and draw it to you), they are the reason for the popularity of “manifesting“, because they make up 70% of the population (even though I personally think it is misleading horse shit and delusional, that’s MY reality, MY truth, I don’t get anything because I “manifested it”, I get it because it’s my path, I’m a projector, I have a purpose to fulfill, a responsibility, to guide souls who have gone too deep into the game, out, enough to see what’s real and what’s not).

So, my generator friend, who does almost every training I do, is not searching for the same thing as me, though my ego can feel annoyed at being copied and having her draw more clientele than me. She is a magnet after all, and has the energy to deliver, as a generator, this is literally what they do. But I know, from seeing the way that she guides, that she is misguiding, because everything a generator does is about themselves, generators love themselves, and they should. It’s how they generate energy. And we projectors look at the hot mess they create in their attempts to guide, which are really (mis)attempts to justify their worthiness, and, well, they are here to master something in 10yrs. Why on earth would we make fun of their process, when we (projectors) we’re endowed from the start (this is why Ra calls his 20% discount the “projector endowment“). I am very connected to so many things, that it doesn’t matter, dead or alive, I read between the lines, and I am sometimes wrong, in order for me to learn more. So I can not judge a kindergartener, when I am a graduate student, and it’s not about ego, but humbleness, in this lifetime, this is my role and that is theirs. I get to be smart and to serve, and they get to try and to be self focused, no matter what else the 70% may tell you, they are in it for themselves, and they better be, or I came down here for nothing!!

And my Manifestor friend who became a coach, well, she is not a guide, she is a force, to get you to do what brings her peace, because she thinks it will bring you peace too, her intentions are good, but the outcome is tbd. It’s hard for me to watch this person go further and further out on a limb, looking more and more successful at it, but until I am invited, I can’t guide and I don’t want to, because people get further in life following themselves than they ever get by asking another.

Back to the topic beyond my concern: No one can do what a manifestor does, this is what makes them so angry. They can push, we can’t, we may push when they are around, but it will never be with our own energy, or with any energy that we can maintain, and they will never do what is in our best interests, because their need for peace will always trump our need for love. No matter how sweet they may seem.

Reflectors just reflect, like them and you like yourself, but they are not guiding, they are a listening ear (if unconditioned) and your reporter (unless conditioned, then they just need to be heard all of the time, and they will lie to you about the truth you can see right before your eyes, because, if you are a liar, they are reflecting YOU!!, a lesson I learned from children of reflectors, it is so sad to see how we see each other, as our not self).

Sending so much love.

I hope this helps.

I am grateful for my manifesting generator friends (and hubby and son), who absorb the masses and pass me only the nuggets that I can work with. And I have to be kind with myself that I can only handle 1% of the garbage that most people expose themselves to on the daily. My task is to squeeze every last bit of gold out of the gems that they send me, and to be kind to them when they go off on a tangent and miss the mark, because I only needed the gem that only I can find in their rough, and not their further opinion or connections about it (although, because my son is not conditioned, because our middle projector child taught me how to raise him right, see below, his added opinions are always worth more than my assumptions, not always true for my adult friends and family).

While manifesting generators will tell each other that the other has “amazing intuition”, I know that they are clouded as F as soon as they try to go any further than passing on clean information or holding space. Sending love because I know they wish they were more, but they do not realize how important they are as the work force (not force, but horse, they have the power to do, and the ability to be satisfied by doing).

Manifestors get peace when they push, it’s a good reward, because people need a push sometimes.

Reflectors get to enjoy being part of the show, if they know how to never take their life personally.

And, projectors get to be successful, because, unless conditioned or unless they need it to do their thing, they don’t want material success, they want you to find and be your self again. They are gifts from god, from source, to religare, to re-member (put back together) who you are (because all of this fake shit pains us deeply, we need you on your mission, so we’re not puking at you acting like something shallow is more important, because nothing is more important than you being who you are, it’s not about us, and for that level of selflessness that people call “most people aren’t like you” we are granted success, only if we operate in alignment with our true self, and a projector that does this is rare indeed (which is why my “they” pronouns switched to ”we“ part way through this paragraph, being awake among conditioned projectors is very sad, my friends have died while still being alive). Most of our/projectors’ life experience makes us feel so bitter, because people don’t recognize who we are: at our core, we are people who care, and who are trying to guide you back to your personal life mission. But, at our not self, we guide you back to more mainstream bullshit.

Simple recap, an aligned (being aligned is far more important than type, and harder to see on a chart, because it’s about knowing and being honest with others about who we are):

- projector sees you and guides you based on who you are

- generator (manifesting or not) are on their way to master their craft, their effectiveness for you deepens on whether they have found their craft and whether you are seeking them for their craft, any other combo will be you catching them on their path to “getting there” a life lesson for you both

- reflectors are your best friends, or your worst enemy, depending on how you feel about you, is this what you need right now, it’s probably more what they need, and

- manifestors will push you to do what makes them feel at peace, is this right for you, idk, if you want to be what you see in a magazine while they are around you to push, go for it, but, don’t be surprised when your sails fall when their wind is no longer at your back…

Nothing is right or wrong, it’s just either right or wrong for you.

Enjoy the ride and choose wisely, do you even know your “authority“? I gave you a hint above; I’m splenic.


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