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Why I judge...

As some people know, I am a walk-in. I was born under the numerology of the hierophant (5) and I walked in under the numerology of justice (8). One simply judges and records wisdom, the other tries to balance their actions/regrets against the weight of a feather.

I judge, because I see people lying to themselves and to others, and this bounds them in knots where I can no longer access them, and that’s the point... I grew up with parents like this, I’ve learned to walk away...

Today is the first day of camp. And while below is a game most have not played in a while, I hope it is a game we can play when we know the status of others.

It is so sad that so many have done something to themselves that makes them a risk to others. I judge how this is being handled, because it’s a risk to me and my kids.

My only job is to support and protect my kids, everything else is “if there is time left” or self care.

Sending love 💕

Illness we can heal, attack from a bio weapon, that is more pain than any of us needs to deal with.

How are you managing?

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