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You can use the Soul Contract Calculator to cut through the BS and see truth!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

This is just a present day example, of how the Soul Contract Calculator can help you see the matrix that is attracting some experiences to some people and maybe not to others.

This article is more to show the possibilities of the app, than to show the absolute truth. Truth is relative to each person’s life experience/lessons and where they sit on their path of life/growth.

If we look at current events in Canada/NorthAmerica.

We have this issue:

With these proposed solutions:

By these key players:

This last gallery (set of photos) shows you how you can adjust, if the name you are looking up is too short, and how you can go back and edit, incase you later realize the name is slightly different than you thought, or maybe you got an auto-incorrect or maybe you forgot to select that the name is not a person’s full name, etc.

Also, for Soul Contract, generally we want their full birth name, with adjustments for phonetics. BUT, people living a mainstream life tend to be a pretty good match to their common name, and, sometimes they don’t even resonate with their birth name (because they are so off course from their soul’s path, thanks to the heavy social conditioning, in our present publicly funded, aka brainwashed, society).

Nothing can be taken as fact, because we are not them, and there are more things at play than their soul contract.

There is also astrology, which can be negated by human design and gene keys, etc, how far they’ve come in their life, and what trauma they are still carrying, or have released, etc.

And, for businesses you generally want their full registered business name (LLCs and incorporateds included), but, I’m willing to guess, like with mainstream people, the common name tells you something.

So what do we see, and how do YOU see it for your self?

1) this book is very helpful to look things up: Your Soul Contract Decoded: Discovering the Spiritual Map Of Your Life With Numerology

Training with the author of this book will help you embed the knowledge (I trained with him too). This book is for general names, not relationships between names or businesses, but you can extrapolate, as that is what they did too.

2) Look above at the repeating numbers and the numbers in the names of the people falling for the plan and those not falling for it, with grace or with anger. The number matches are lessons learned or not learned, depending on how much they are reacting.

So, if I take a stab at it, above I see a lot of 9-9s, 10-1s, 5-5s, 11-2s, 7-7s, 16-7, 18-9, 21-3, 3-3, 22-4, 15-6s, 14-5, and 17-8.

People attracting these lessons may carry matching numbers in their name:

- 9-9, calling in disempowerment, to learn to use power properly and step into their power

- 10-1, calling in men who lack integrity, an obsession with money, to learn to hold space for others, break down the ego, follow spirit, and be of service

- 5-5 (also applies to 14-5 below), highly sensitive, needs to learn to speak their truth, shock, yelling

- 11-2, shattering reality and codependence, loss in order to rebuild, grow, and see what has true value, trauma stuck in the body

- 7-7 (also applies to 16-7 below), highly manipulative, both hiding the true self and showing flaws in hopes that this will win access to the hearts of others

- 16-7, trying to wake up mainstream people, but also the devil, tied to consumerism and being part of the matrix

- 18-9, regrets over decisions made in the past, having a lot to stomach and swallow in this life

- 21-3, doing life the hard way

- 3-3 (also applies to 21-3 above), feeling unworthy, interrupting others because they are afraid whatever the other is trying to say will prove that they are in fact unworthy

- 22-4 ugliness to beauty, when one feels ugly they are like the emperor in Star Wars, willing to destroy everyone, because no one ever saw their potential and offered them the love we all deserve

- 15-6, spinning you round in circles, getting you to ask others instead of finding your unique truth inside of you

- 14-5, karmic relationships, time to learn the painful way, so you can see beyond the veil (notice how the word veil is the word evil, when the V and E get to see life from the other person/letter’s perspective?)

- 17-8, the tower in the tarot, the abuser and oppressed go up and up and up the tower, until finally the abused pushes the abuser out, and they both fall.

Is that the end of our story?

Well, there are the flip sides to all these lessons too, and when you have learned them, you can walk away, and let those who are in it, be in it, and hopefully learn. While you hold space for their personal empowerment, being of service, holding one’s worth, waking up, breaking old patterns, building new structures of truth and service, etc.

I know it’s not easy at the start, and can seem overwhelming, with how do I know what name, and how can I remember what means what and what is important.

Time, engagement, read the book, reach out to me, take training.

Please do not do readings for others without proper training. The book is just to raise awareness, there is so much more you need to be effective in this work. And it is very disempowering to self and others when you act like an authority that you are not in their life (by reading their soul contract as if it is truth, when you lack proper training to do so). Integrity is so important, please be honest.

And remember, it’s never about proving the other or the agency/company wrong, it’s about grasping and learning the lesson that is available to you, and spirit will always show you what you need to see, even if it takes you making a mistake to see what is needed. You can’t go wrong, if you align with integrity, your unique truth, and personal growth.

Sending love. ❤️

If there something you feel I missed in explaining above, to give you more comfort in using this app, please ask me below. 😃🙏

If you want to be notified when the mobile version is released, follow/subscribe here: ps. Even if you use the full name, as opposed to the acronym, the soul contract story is the same:

= disempower, meet people where they are at (on social media), spin them around in circle, asking everyone else what they should do, and elicit anger by blocking their ability to push forward to make their thoughts and dreams a reality.

Unless you can uncouple your selves from the victim stance of these lessons, and...

= find your personal power, ground your soul into your body, feel your painful emotions, find your truth within, and step by step create the positive change you want to see in this world!

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