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You need to get the garbage out of your body!

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Do NOT run any of these tracks around someone who has taken the V or has a lot of close contact with anyone who has taken the V.

Doing so can trigger the release of garbage from their body, which can trigger a dormant veyerus/issue/injury in you to (re)express itself.

Unknowingly doing the above, triggered me to experience 3wks of internal shingles, on the left side of my body, starting in my spleen, then encompassing my torso, lymph nodes, and cranial nerves. The reaction took about 5-6 days to become obvious, but the signs (pain in the legs) were present within 1-2 hours of exposure, followed by pain in the ovaries and low back, over the next 2-5 days.

Never run any tracks related to the uterus or reproductive/menstrual organs with a pregnant person in the room/building! If you can help it, unless the pregnant person needs the track, do not run any tracks around them!

When in doubt, don‘t run any tracks around anyone who’s V or P status ^^ you do not know for sure!!!

This article is a follow up to: Prepare your body for the C V (which not enough people paid attention to), so now we are in a situation where they are talking about C very🐜s, which some people say are really just reactions to the V...

These are the tracks I use frequently, to address symptoms commonly experienced from exposure to people who are Ved and associated high stress levels. Not all at once, day to day, night or day, depending on need. If you have questions about a specific track or symptom, ask below.:

The goal is to figure out what organ needs support and how to best support it. It doesn’t matter how you got the problem or what you call the problem.

Cell treatment and Central governing are only for daytime use (as they will keep you awake).

I’ve learned to be mindful of what experts release now, as I feel these are hidden keys for our current situation, that can not be branded as such, including:

- RestoreChi water cards (if you have question, ask below)

- Esogetic Medicine Gamma40, and

Isn’t it interesting, that for C we only really needed the PVP track (if we caught it early enough), and for prevention of C, or supporting C to pass through us easily, we only really needed what I mentioned in the “prepare” article above, and doing so would have given people better overall health. But now, with the V in circulation, and so many under Ms for so long, obstructing their normal detox processes, we need a changing combo of what’s above, and more.

But the gift is:

Finally, maybe, you will learn to tend to your health, understand your body, and stop relying on others to provide a magic cure (that often hurt more than help, so should be reserved only for when there is truly no other option, and not enough time to support proper healing).

Wishing you well on your journey.

You are not alone!


ps. If you are Ved and you run these tracks around others, you are essentially enhancing the release of a bio-wep-on, which can seriously harm others, who may not know how to recover from the damage. Please be mindful, wise, and kind. Your decision to V has already hurt others, please don’t make it worse, and please be mindful how you discard of the garbage you have allowed the V to ask your body to create. We are one and we can do this well. Thank you in advance!

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