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How do you like to be woken up?

Some people allow themselves to be shocked when they wake up, using loud alarms, or jarring radio music. Some people go over to others and yell their name, or rip off their blankets and say "GET UP! You're LATE!". Some people are woken by their kids, who naturally wake, at whatever time, either happy or grumpy. And some wake when they feel like it, nice and slow and gentle.

What is your preferred way to wake up, and how do you tend to wake others?

Now, quick shift, or gentle, which ever you prefer. Let's talk about spiritual awakening...

Photo by Rowan Chestnut on Unsplash

Most stories I hear about spiritual awakening are shocking and desperate and come with unexpected loss or harsh mysterious illness. I like to imagine that some people have a gentle entry into spirituality, slowly waking to it when they are ready, or kindly being allowed to stay connected when they are young. But, in this world, I assume this is few and far between.

If you read this blog, my e-magazine, or posts on my individual or parent-child Facebook pages, you will see that my messaging is usually not gentle and smooth. The only place I may be more gentle is on my Instagram page, because its really just the odd image, and less text, and even there, I am still, clearly, trying to wake people up.

I don't use shock the way most entrepreneurs use it (because someone advised them that this is what they must do to try to capture attention), but because this is how my life is. I go through my day to day, and I get shocked with what I discover, and then I share it, out of love. But, to others I guess it can be jarring. Like that alarm, or the blankets ripped off of you, when you were comfortably sleeping in dream land. And for that, I am truly sorry.

This article was actually inspired by watching my husband try to wake our three year old daughter this morning with "you're late you're late, grandpa is coming". I stopped him and said: "Let's not wake her like that, let's wake her gently, with love, lull her into the waking world".

Photo by Caroline Henande on Unsplash

I am very serious and respectful of the stages of consciousness, and about making this transition as smooth as possible. Whether it be from physically sleeping to waking up, or spiritually moving up the scale of consciousness...

Scale of Consciousness (Dr David R Hawkins MD PhD) - Image from here

Some readers may think: "Enough with this scale, why do you harp on this point so much?". I do so because: 

This is the gentlest way of waking you up, that I currently know how.

I have read at least four of Dr David R Hawkins books, and truly it is the same message over and over and over, said in any way anyone may be ready to receive it. 

My message may be shocking, and disturbing, and hard to hear that: The way most of us have been living is quite damaging to us and our kids.

Yet, as a spiritual person, I know the world is perfect as it is, for everyone to claim their personal lesson and get the experience they came for.

I also know that we are sitting in the hexagram of division right now, (go here to read a lovely write-up about this). Now is not the time to divide people, but to show leadership.

So, to my readers, my friends, my fellow humans, I wish you a gentle awakening.

Though it may be jarring, or shocking, or disturbing. Your awakening will be whatever it will be, when you are ready to move up the scale of consciousness and embrace Love, Peace, Acceptance, Neutrality, and drop everything below 200, which is truly False and will only make you and your loved ones sick (see Scale of Consciousness, above).

Know that there are lots of people who can support you along the way. But please, BE DISCERNING! There are a lot of spiritual egos out there who will mislead you, if that is your lesson to learn.

Book a free 15min, no obligation consultation here, to learn more.

Some people have advised me not to give away so much information for free, not to make what I do look so easy, or people may think they don't need me.

The truth is: I don't want people to need me. I want them to wake up to a better life, so their kids can have a better life. I can show people the way, if they want and need that support. But if they don't, if they can find their way on their own, and if they feel good about it, great! We all win! The more people that move up the Scale of Consciousness, the more Love and Respect we will have in this world, the higher we all can go.

Its not about money, its about making this world a better place, for all of us!

Love and Bless, I wanna see you be Brave!

 Brave - Sara Bareilles

Who's gonna take the challenge and WAKE UP! Lol (lots of love, AND laugh out loud). Spirit is funny, did you know that? Let me introduce you ...

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

Photo by Larm Rmah on Unsplash

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