What is Divine Healing?

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How much better would you feel if you could address and resolve anything that is bothering you emotionally, mentally, physically, or spiritually (even if you do not know the source of the problem)?
Wouldn't it be nice to get some direction from YOUR OWN healing team, with regard to the next positive step you can take in your life?
Wouldn't you like to finally understand and clear some tendency that you have been having difficulties letting go of, so you can move on to a much healthier way in living, that is more in line with who you truly are?

Divine Healing (Master Key to Ascension) is a channeled method of healing based on the Spiritual Law “ask and you shall receive”. Our spiritual and healing teams are always eager to support and guide us, but first we need to ask!

I often describe Divine Healing as a blend of guided meditation, cognitive behavioural therapy, and unconditional love, that can effectively identify and clear negative emotions and thoughts, re-balance your systems, and bring you back to wholeness and full acceptance of self.


Divine Healing was created by a medical doctor (and her team), after she realized that she wasn't really helping people through her medical practice. She wanted to attend a training on a new healing modality, but given that she had a young child at the time, she could not travel for training. So she asked for a method come to her, and this was the birth of Divine Healing (Master Key to Ascension).

Divine Healing blends medical science, psychology, and many spiritual concepts, ad well as alternative and ancient methods of healing (across many cultures), to resolve very grounded, everyday problems, that many of us struggle with. This method has been unfolding over several years, and just keeps getting better.

Often your next step in life will be clear at the end of a session.

Divine Healing accesses and clears:

  • Self-sabotage programs

  • Hidden ego agendas

  • Fear programs (including beliefs and fears about death)

  • Past life issues

  • Judgments and negative beliefs and attitudes (about self, relationships, men/women, or in general)

  • Conflicting thoughts about self, so that both are allowed to exist

  • Dysfunctional relationship patterns

  • Programs and beliefs locked in the body

  • Pattern(s) behind specific to addictions and addictive behaviours

  • Interference to living one’s potential

  • Blocks to healing

  • Blocks to positive living

  • Blocks to finding your spiritual connection

  • Blocks to seeing the Truth (that we do not have to live in fear)

  • Blocks to Abundance (love, money, happiness, and more)

  • Blocks to unconditional love and acceptance of yourself

  • Attachments that prevent new and more positive things from coming into your life

  • Soul-level beliefs that "You must do X in order to survive", which end up holding you back in life

  • Imprinted messages and beliefs from others

  • The default programs that "We must age in an ungraceful way", so you can sustain your health (and looks) as you age

  • Unhealthy patterns related to weight, hunger, and food

  • Addressing which basic Human Need you may be struggling with (i.e., security, attention, autonomy, connection, community, friendship/intimacy, status, achievement, meaning/purpose), and how you can get this need met

  • Negative energy and emotions stored in the body as a result of surgery, trauma, and/or shock

  • Stressful experiences that may have happened to you, your mom/parents, or your child(ren) during pregnancy or the birthing process, as well as unhealthy beliefs or fears that you may have come in with

  • Realizing your talents and gifts

  • Discovering how your shadow or dark side allowed for the development of a powerful gift

  • Soul level, Ancestral, and Genetic programming (spiritual)

  • Supporting more balanced spiritual development and growth, so you don't feel so out of sorts 
  • Opening you up to deeper healing

  • Interfering energies

  • Core negative beliefs, programs, or other confusion/mis-alignment in our Human Blueprint (at the 4th dimension), which blocks the ability of our True Self (our Original Divine Blueprint, the highest possible expression of ourselves in this lifetime, from the 6th dimension), from becoming reality for us in the 3rd dimension, and more

On an energetic level, Divine Healing can also facilitate the:

  • Regeneration and rejuvenation of your cells

  • Stabilization of water in your body

  • Balancing your body’s nutrition, biochemistry, and enzymes

  • Harmonizing and alignment of your Energy Bodies, Chakras, and Spinal Gateway (spiritual)

  • Optimizing the Meridian flows

  • Light activation of your DNA (spiritual)

  • Healing with Colours, Sacred Geometry Symbols, Light Language, Names of God, Numerology, Blessings, Angels, and the Elohim

  • Encoding of Healing Essences, Colours, Crystals, Pomanders, Quintessences, Lightbody potions, Soul Rays, Tissue Salts, Natural Herbs and Spices

  • Brain Integration and Balancing, so you can achieve greater awareness

  • Understanding and re-balancing of Food Sensitivities/Allergies

  • Clearing Infections and their residual effects

  • Clearing the negative residue from taking Prescription and Recreational Drugs

  • Clearing the negative effects of Food Additives, Toxins, Poisons, and Pesticides from the body

  • Clearing of conscious or unconscious negative experiences that may have occurred during Surgeries or other Hospital Procedures

  • Balancing your Hormones, Glands, Bodily Rhythms and cycles, and function of your Nervous System (via correction of failed emergence or inhibition of Primitive Reflexes)

  • Balancing Electro-Magnetic effects (including from screens and other technology)

  • Clearing Properties and Buildings (spiritual), and more

Divine Healing can also physically access (by the client) and release tension and programs stored in the:

  • Cranial, TMJ, and Hyoid (throat), and

  • Neurological Reflex Points in the:

    • Lymphatic system

    • Vascular system

    • Hand, Foot, and Ear

Here are some articles I have written about the grounded applications and benefits of Divine Healing:

 - Your spine carries another map to your unique psychological and spiritual issues

 - Removing blocks to Abundance, Healing, and Positive Relationships

 - Oneness, Mental Health, and Relationships

 - Supporting your child to go to school without compromising your relationship

 - Dispelling the myth of whether or not we still need to heal

 - We all have darkness in us, this is what balances our light

"Divine healing is such a unique, gentle tool that is so effective. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first but soon realized that I was guided to reconnect to old traumas and emotions, release them and reaffirm the things that I needed to focus on in my life currently.  Alahnnaa is a natural, she listens to her intuition, compliments the session with her knowledge and incorporates other modalities when necessary.  Alahnnaa is very caring and focused on my highest good during the session.  I walked away with so many tools to carry me forward. The next day I was refreshed and filled with so much peace. Can’t wait for my next session. Thank you Alahnnaa!"

Marina George

"I had never experienced a healing session like the Divine Healing session I had with Alahnnaa. She went directly to one of the biggest problems I have had all my life. We did a clearing together and I really feel a huge obstacle that has prevented me from moving forward in life has been removed. It was truly amazing!!!"

Mary W.

"My session with Alahnnaa was enlightening. She is delightful and heart-centered. She allowed me to feel relaxed and open in her presence. With her unique skills, Alahnnaa was able to help me to uncover blockages that I was not aware of that were holding me back from seeing my inner power. She helped to heal old thinking patterns. After my session, I felt recharged and more creative. I feel freer, lighter and more aligned with my situation and have since taken fearless action towards my goals. I would definitely refer friends to Alahnnaa for a session!"

Chrissy H.

"Dear Alahnnaa, In just two days following our Divine Healing session, I have already noticed a major difference in my life. My connection with the person I was having difficulty with seems clearer. I have become more aware of the deep grief I’ve been carrying around. And the money flow is starting to happen, too! Thank you for your compassion and for sharing your healing gifts!"

Heather Elizabeth Embree Warren

“Working with Alahnnaa has opened my eyes and healed many deep layers of wounds, for myself and my ancestral lineage, that I never knew existed. She is amazingly professional and her work is cutting edge and very advanced. 
Alahnnaa is caring, compassionate, and connects with her clients in a profound way, which will touch you deeply. Imagine working with someone who gets to the root of very deep issues where one could not even fathom the true origin, that is what you will get when working with Alahnnaa. 
My work with Alahnnaa was divinely guided. She showed up at the perfect time to facilitate the healing that I needed to move on to the next step of my journey. I am very blessed to have met her and experienced her profound gift to humanity."

Cryztal L.

"Your Divine Healing mini-session was very enlightening. It certainly gave me a different perspective. I feel a lot more positive that my original concern is no longer an issue. Thank you!"

Margaret B.

© 2020 by Alahnnaa Campbell.