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Navigating Night Terrors

I had a client who's 18month old son was having Night Terrors. Her family doctor and alternative health care professionals couldn't figure out why.


One quick look at his Human Design and it was obvious what was going on. Her son was a Reflector. This means all of his centers are open, and he is here to take everything in from the people around him, and then report on how everyone is doing.

His mom realized that when her son had his normal routine before bed, he didn't have any Night Terrors. But when her son fell asleep while they were out of the house, the Night Terrors came back.

Knowing how her son was built empowered her to continue to do what she felt was right, as she now had proof for why her methods worked, and the Night Terrors stopped.

If you would like to feel more empowered in how you parent your child, go here to book a free no obligation 15min consultation.

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