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Mental Health

When I first discovered the modalities that I use in my practice, all I could think about was how useful they would be in parenting - giving parents the maps to understand their children (their strengths, weaknesses, growth trajectory, needs, etc), so that their kids could grow up in a healthier and more accepting environment than most of us adults grew up in.

What I did not realize, was that applying the same methods to myself and my life would release me from severe anxiety, depression, mania, bipolar disorder, past traumas, sleep disorders, and more.

I discovered that all of these illnesses were not life sentences, but the result of trying to be the person I felt I was supposed to be. And the solution to releasing these states of illness, was simply allowing myself to be the person that I am. 

As someone with a background in Mental Health research, specifically in how chronic stress can dysregulate normal hormonal and immune function in the body resulting in states of illness, I have come to believe that states of Mental Illness are simply the consequence of not respecting one's unique self-care needs, and not having someone available to confirm that what they are experiencing is actually normal for their unique design, and how life really works, from a spiritual perspective.


We are all here to experience some negative context, so we can flip it into a positive outcome.

When we understand how we are uniquely built, we can step into who we really are, we stop beating ourselves up for not being like somebody else, and this relieves us of our critical inner voice (a chronic internal stressor), which allows our bodies and mental health to heal themselves.

If you would like to learn more, go here to book a free no obligation 15min consultation.

"Yes, definitely! I would love to continue to see you. I’ve never lasted very long with psychologists, psychotherapists, etc, as I gravitate and learn more from people that have skills such as yourself. It is just so much more enlightening!"


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