Options and Prices

I always want to deliver what is in my client's best interest. Clients come for all kinds of reasons and some cases are more complex than others. For this reason, I have split my fees into Live/Session time and Off-line time (see below).

I also charge a $20 CAD deposit for "free" 15min consultations. This is because many people tend to book consultations with me in the middle of the night, and then no-show on their consultation day. Healthy self-care boundaries are important for everyone. If I am going to put my 3 young kids in care to meet with a client, the least the client can do is show up. To encourage this, I ask clients to send a $20 CAD deposit. After the consultation, clients can transfer the $20 deposit to their first session, request a refund, or call it even. All consultations are via Zoom.

Live/Session time is via Zoom. In some cases, there may be opportunity for in person work. Cost is $70 CAD for 30min, $130 CAD for 1hr, and $200 CAD for up to 2hrs. If a client needs more time, we can add it. If a client needs less time, we can bank the leftover time, or I can offer some offline work.

Off-line time is any agreed upon time that I spend before or after a session; preparing charts, doing research, reading, writing, editing, preparing, or sending information, etc. Cost is $60 CAD /hr (pro-rated to the minute). 

In all cases, payment is due upon booking. 

Payment can be sent via e-transfer or you can email to request a PayPal link: 



If no payment is sent, I will cancel your booking.

Progression from session to session and sliding scale fees are determined on a case-by-case basis.

I am happy to meet with clients for as long or as little as they see benefit in my services, but I do not do "readings". I work with clients, using whatever tools I have access to, that they are open to using.   

All sessions include an audio/video recording of the session, printed or emailed charts, and a follow-up email.

Email alahnaa18@yourlifeplan.ca or book a 15min consultation to make sure this work is right for you.