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Options and Prices

I always want to deliver what is in my client's best interest. Clients come for all kinds of reasons, and some cases are more complex than others. For this reason, I have split my fees into Live time and Off-line time (see below).

Live time is in person or via Zoom. Cost is $70 CAD for 30min, $130 CAD for 1hr, $160 CAD for 1.5hrs, and $200 CAD for 2hrsIf a client needs more time, we can add it. If a client needs less time, we can bank the leftover time, or I can offer some offline work. If the amount of time you want to book is not available on my calendar, please email me.

Divine Healing sessions are currently on sale for $80/hr (live time), because life feels too fast, with too much pressure to have the answers right away. Divine Healing gives us the opportunity to slow down, and trust our guides and each other.

Off-line time is any agreed upon time that I spend before or after a session; preparing charts, doing research, reading, writing, editing, or sending information. Cost is $60 CAD /hr (pro-rated to the minute). 

Unique Psychology Reports these are introductory reports that describe what I can see from "10 feet away" looking at someone's Human Design, Soul Contract, Gene Keys, Astrology, and Esogetic Numerology. I will include all charts as supplemental material, so long as doing so is helpful and not confusing. These are ideal for parents and teachers, to get ideas on how to work with challenging students. While parents do not need to engage in the process for the school (and their child) to benefit, it is always better if the parent is opened to having a paid session with me beforehand, to explain where all the troubles seem to present themselves, then I can look at the various charts for evidence as to why this may be and how to address the situation with more compassion for what the child is experiencing and trying to work through. Cost for the report (not including live session time recommended beforehand) $160 CAD.


To order a report, please email me the person's :

- full birth birth certificate name (including language used for pronunciation by their primary caregiver, usually the mother)

- current and common name growing up (usually this is first and last name, dropping middle names, but sometimes names are changed or shortened)

- birth date, time of birth, city, province/state, and country of birth

Payment is due upon booking. Unpaid sessions will be cancelled. If I do not receive a response that indicates the person is going to show up for their free 15min consultation, I will cancel that too.

Sliding scale fees are available upon request.

Payment can be sent via e-transfer to:

...or you can email me to request a PayPal link. 

In person sessions may be held at:

  • Mother Earth's Learning Village (797 Middletown Rd, Waterdown, ON, L0R 2H2,

  • Holistic Osteopathy and Wellness Clinic (220 Wyecroft Road, Unit 103, Oakville, ON, L6K 3V1,

  • Sawiak Integrative Wellness Institute (232 Guelph St. Lower Level 1, Georgetown, ON, L7G 4B1,

  • The Mystic Tree (13-5353 Lakeshore Road, South Burlington, ON, L7L 1C8,

  • My home (Neyagawa & Dundas area in North Oakville, I will give you the address once you have sent payment)

Please email me to request another location (including house calls).

15min consultation are held via zoom.

Please feel free to email me if you would like to book a session outside of regular hours.

Book a 15min consultation to make sure this work is right for you. 

Go here for my waiver with clickable links.

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