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Options and Prices

I always want to deliver what is in my client's best interest. Clients come for all kinds of reasons and some cases are more complex than others. For this reason I have split my fees into Live time and Off-line time (see below).

The progression from session to session, package pricing, and sliding scale fees are also determined by each client's unique needs, and the degree to which the information, or healing, is addressing the issue at hand. 

Live time is in person at my home in Oakville or via Zoom (internet video chat).

Cost is $130/hr.

If a client needs more time, we can add it to the session for a reasonable price.

If a client needs less time, we can bank the leftover time, and add it to or pro-rate the next session price.  

Off-line time is time that I spend before or after a session; preparing charts, doing research, and/or sending information.

Cost is $60/hr (pro-rated in $20 and $30 increments, to the amount of time needed).

I will usually send some things after a session (for free) and if a client case is pretty straight forward (known birth date, time, and city, and a fully English birth name) then I will often prepare their charts beforehand (for free, as well).

In some cases a client wants to look at multiple charts (i.e., multiple family members, or they are unsure about their birth time or birth name, or their name is non-English or complicated i.e., they were supposed to get this name but they got another, they were adopted, their name changed, they weren't named right away etc, then it gets more complicated and it takes more time to prepare, which I have to charge for).


Also, some clients want me to do more prep work in advance, so we can go deeper and further in the Live session. Or, after a Live session, they may be interested in receiving more in-depth information, which takes time for me to put together and send. This is the purpose for the Off-line time and charges.

All sessions include an audio/video recording of the session, printed or emailed charts, and a follow-up email.

I highly recommend you book a free, no obligation, 15min consultation before booking your session, so together we can determine the best course of action for what you are interested in. 

As I mentioned, discounted multi-session packages and sliding scale pricing are available upon request.

Please do not let cost stand in the way of giving yourself (or a loved one) this amazing gift!

© 2020 by Alahnnaa Campbell.