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As you can see from my website and my numerous magazine articles, posts, and blogs, I have a lot of information that I can share with an eager audience. 

Whether you are looking for a high-level introduction, learning about a specific modality, working through your unique charts, experiencing a group healing, or an opportunity for open Q&A to get you started.

I have access to a few locations, or I can come to you.

I can meet any budget, by adjusting the amount of energy I put into each session, to keep the exchange balanced.

This is not about the money for me. It is about raising awareness that these modalities and this information exist, so people who want to go further with this work can do so.

Workshops are currently limited to 1-2hrs.


If this is of interest to you, reach out. Let's build something amazing for your unique group!

  • I really loved the Soul Contract, Human Design, and Astrological work focused on Saturn. I learned that when people are moody it is a great time to be creative, and I would love to learn more about how to apply Astrology and Soul Contract to children

  • I really appreciated getting a better understanding of my child’s behaviour, and that I need to see their unique needs, and focus on their purpose, to accept my kids and get them to accept themselves, I’d love more tips on how to improve “low self-worth”

  • I found it interesting how this information could be used to help understand our loved ones, and I really appreciate how we can use our Gene Keys, and how we can transition how we feel

  • I thought it was interesting how, if you don’t solve your problems in your current relationship, you will recreate them in your next relationship, and I am going to make an effort to empower my kids and raise them to higher states on the Map of Consciousness

  • I appreciate that you said only to hang onto the information that resonates with me, its interesting that kids may choose their parents, and it was good to know that astrology is more than just your Sun sign, and that things change over time, it was very interesting to learn from others in the conversation we had as a group

  • It was great to learn more about relationships, life purpose, and the importance of listening to our “gut” in decision making

  • I found it interesting that some people know their life purpose at age 1yr and others not until age 30yrs, after this workshop I am really going to work on accepting my child, would have loved more time as you provided so much information in a small window of time

  • I found it interesting that there are so many different interpretations available and so many ways to approach different types of people

Participant feedback from the 2018 workshop at the Oakville Parent Child Center

  • I found everything to be fascinating, that sometimes what I am feeling is not me but other people’s energy, I am interested to do the charts for the rest of my family as the information you shared really resonated with me

  • I found it interesting that we are the way we are based on how the planets were aligned when we were born, and that we can take better care of ourselves if we understand how we are build, I am going to use this information to be more understanding of my kids when they act up

  • The whole concept was new to me, and you explained the basics really well in the short time that we had, thank you for giving us the opportunity to reflect on personality and the different interactions between people

  • I am interested to learn more, I think this will add to my parenting abilities – understanding my children’s tendency/design, I grateful to now know how to recognize my own moodiness as an emotional wave to ride out, and to seek alone time to process

  • I thought this presentation was going to be “fluffy astrology based”, but it was more on the mark than I expected, and I am grateful that I don’t need to blame myself for changing my opinion so often any more

  • It was great to hear how each person is so UNIQUE and what may appear to be a “problem” is just part of them – their human design,

  • I learned the importance of self-compassion, and that negative labels do not need to be viewed as negative

  • I was interested prior to the presentation, but I am even MORE interested now! The info has helped me pay attention to my family and how this may apply to them and myself! I really appreciate that I am now able to recognize my husband’s design type and his emotional wave

  • Thank you for the interesting and informative session, I now know why I feel and react the way I do, and I am intrigued to learn more, I am grateful to know how to better interact with my family now

  • This was a great presentation, accessible to all and engaging, I love that I can now understand others better

  • I feel very motivated to learn more about my energy and feelings based on Human Design, and I want to discover the Human Design of my family so we can communicate better

Participant feedback from the 2017 workshop at the Oakville Parent Child Center

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