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Tune Into Healing (accessing the Information Field)


I got a Healy for a few reasons: 1) because I did not want to ask my children to take as many supplements as I need to take to regain my health, 2) because we don't always have the energy or time to do a more thorough diagnostic, 3) because sometimes we are looking for an outside perspective, and an easy application, and 4) the Information Field (as well as Divine Healing, more on this below) may be the best way to support and shift someone who is stuck at the emotional level, see: The trauma of not being seen, and the layers of my services, mapped onto the levels of the brain (

Here are some key articles I wrote for my own reference, that I refer to often for the Healy:

Gold Cycle (physical detox)

- Deep Cycle (spiritual detox)

- Vibration (non-physical) programs, decoding Pain categories, Aura output, and more

- Cell Salts (or the astrological) perspective

An example of using the Healy (Information Field) in conjunction with some of my other modalities

Using the Aura scan to shift how we see and handle difficult situations

Another way to access outside of the box ideas, is through Divine Healing. Because it invites both of us to slow down and trust the process, I offer Divine Healing at a reduced rate, see Options and Prices​.

For more information you can check out the Healy topic in my blog, follow me on Instagram, or simply reach out, let's chat.

Here is a movie about the information field, which is also relevant to many Esogetic Medicine concepts.

For clients who want to take it a step further, we can hire Julie Smith (who is both a TimeWaver and an Esogetic Practitioner) to join our team (see the video below). This post shows how Timewaver, RestoreChi, and Esogetic Medicine can work together, and what each contributes to the puzzle, although, the role that each will play may differ from situation to situation, based on need and what the person has access to.

For example, for kids, I don't recommend the TimeWaver, because its too many degrees of separation. Kids are here to teach their parent(s), the Healy or Divine Healing can give hints to the parents on what needs to be learned. The TimeWaver runs in the background. Its great for anyone old enough to engage in the process, to decide they want to improve how they navigate life. But for kids, in my experience, if we skip an important step (like involving the parent in the learning process) we get a negative reaction in the child. Of course, this is my personal experience, someone else, who is hear to work with families differently, would probably have a different opinion and experience.

I truly enjoyed my session with Alahnnaa. She has a very warm, kind energy and I instantly felt at ease. I was able to freely discuss my concerns about my child with her. I was amazed by the wide variety of information and recommendations I received. I received information about her personality makeup from the Human Design/Soul Contract which helped me understand her journey better, and why she may have experienced medical difficulties. Alahnnaa assisted me in using the Healy to ask questions about my daughter’s needs and healing, and to understand the results. This helped me to narrow down my focus in supporting her. Through using the Healy, I was able to see potential current energetic blockages and imbalances. We’ve since started implementing a variety of strategies with our daughter, and seen wonderful progress. Our child is happier by the day and it brings us great joy. Thank you so much, Alahnnaa! I’m so happy our paths crossed. 

Megan Karas MSW

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