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Tune Into Healing (accessing the Information Field)


This is where we "cheat". I got a Healy for a few reasons: 1) because I did not want to ask my children to take the amount of supplements I need to take to regain my health, because this world is so toxic, 2) I do not plan to get a $15,000 USD diagnostic machine for Esogetic Medicine, because I want people to be able to learn for themselves how to assess what they need, and not many people have that kind of money to spare for a machine, let alone the extensive training needed to be able read the output. Also, the reason I took training in Esogetic Medicine was multifold, including that I needed more than just a treatment done on my child, I needed some one to support me to process what had caused the problem in the first place, and also, the diagnostic steps for RestoreChi were not something I was skilled enough to rely on, i.e.,

RestoreChi Pulse Dx.JPG

Yes, I could invest the time to become better at Esogetic and RestoreChi diagnostics (and I will, over time), but again, how do I transfer this skill to my clients, if so much time and experience is what I need to do to gain the skill for myself? There is some criticism about the Healy, from top healers who are skilled in their own diagnostics, and I think that is fair. I've heard that the Healy compares a person/situation's vibration to a crystal, and that there are so many programs, that you don't need all of these for health. That said, we are evolving in our understanding, and playing in our application. The Healy is a tool, that can be used. Here are some key articles I wrote for my own reference and that I use often for the Healy:

Gold Cycle

- Deep Cycle

- Many of the information only (no physical frequency) options, decoding Pain, and whether the source is physical, mental, spiritual, ancestral, and in what way we are violating health

- Cell Salt (or the astrological) perspective


And, if we want to take this a step further, we can go to the system that creates Healy programs, known as TimeWaver. You can work directly with Julie Smith (who you can reach at for $250USD for a 90min session to run many scans, to determine how to treat your information field, answer some questions you may have, do some spot treatments, and run packets to your information field over a 4wk period. Or, you can work in collaboration with myself, where Julie drops the 90min session price to $120USD plus $40USD for 1 week of packets sent to your information field, so long as you work with me to do the Esogetic Treatments that she recommends as a good fit for what she sees in the analysis of your information field, to boost the effectiveness of the packets sent. In this case, I would attend your session with you and Julie (via zoom), and after your session I can guide you on how to decode the output she provides (from the TimeWaver), including whatever support you may want to receive for what you find (at my usual $130/hr rate). If you do not want to do the Esogetic work with me (also $130CAD/hr), then she requires that you have packets sent to your information field for 2wks (at $200USD for the session and the 2wks of packets), because otherwise it is unlikely that you will see a change in your life. If you choose the latter path, I will still attend your TimeWaver session with you (no additional cost), and we will still have her list of recommended Esogetic Treatments, that we can try, when you are ready to invest. No pressure from me. It's your healing journey.


And I say this is where we "cheat" because working with the information field does not require any effort from the recipient, and sometimes this is what we need. We work so hard to get well, whether we take supplements, run programs, decide which programs to run, take the time to get out the equipment and do the treatment, determine what tracks to run and keep our devices charged enough to run them, with connection to data as needed, it's exhausting! But, information field work just runs, and gives us suggestions, and strengthens our intuition. We can of course dig deeper, or fight our truth, but really, who's going to do that after investing money to find their truth?

One of my experiences of working with the TimeWaver, allowed me to avoid extracting one of my teeth, because I was guided to seek out other healing methods, which I would not have known about, had the TimeWaver not hinted that "the odds are currently not good enough for the creator of the TimeWaver to remove one of his teeth". And, here is an example of how the Healy (accessing the Information Field) can be used in conjunction with some of my other modalities. And how it can be used to shift how we handle certain situations, by improving our perspective.

For more, you can check out the Healy topic in my blog, follow me on Instagram or Facebook, or simply reach out and let's chat.



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