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Family benefits, of a remote Healy session, for our almost 3yr old

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Our youngest had a runny nose, which progressed into a wet cough, greater need for sleep, and more frequent meltdowns, for over a week. I had all these symptoms and more (less the meltdowns), for a shorter duration of time. This may be because I used numerous modalities (and went to an external practitioner) to support my health, but provided our child with just the standard love and care.

Here is how she looked, the day after a major meltdown:

When she is very upset, she tends to scratch her body, face, eyes, and pull her hair. I don't know if the red dots around her eyes are from anger and crying, or scratching, or both. But, they have appeared before, around meltdowns and when I am detoxing.

I think there is a difference between being sick, reacting to something with an allergy, being given an opportunity to detox, and developing an infection (the latter, in my opinion, because the person doesn’t know how to move the issue out of the body fast enough, not their fault, modern medicine lacks faith in the body).

And there are also multiple levels to understand the cause of symptoms, and to support a return to wellness.

So, I pulled out the Healy and ran some scans, to try to understand what is behind the symptoms, our almost 3yr old was experiencing:

1) All Healy Programs (which means programs that have physical frequencies, that can be run on a person, as opposed to programs that can only send vibrational correcting impulses, to the information field): 98% need for Gold Cycle (physical detox), 80% need for Deep Cycle H (energetic detox, aligning with nature harmonics), 70% need for Mental Balance, 63% need for Job Programs, and 57% need for Meridian 2 programs.

I was shocked!

Anything 66% and above is considered a true need. A 98% need for physical detox, as her mom, I felt bad for not catching onto this sooner! Please note, I don’t know how or why, but I have also seen percents above 100…

I ran this overall recommendation as a vibration to her information field (1min20sec, I rarely run physical programs on my kids), and then dug deeper.

2) Gold Cycle: after running the recommendations above as a whole, the need for physical detox (gold cycle programs) was not so apparent. Either because the previous run did what it needed to do, or, because it was the umbrella that needed to be run, and no one specific program within. The results were: 48% need for release, 44% need for energy, 44% need for pure, 37% need for care, and 35% need for balance.

Go here to learn more about the Gold Cycle: Water, emotions, healing devices: detoxing with our unique needs, limits, lungs, and liver ( Because the percents were low, I opted not to run this at this time.

3) Deep Cycle H: 48% need for energy work, 44% need for breath of life, 36% need for pure energy, 33% need for all kidney female, and 32% need for go to the roots.

Below is more information about the Deep Cycle programs, from: DEEP CYCLE - Healy Frequency Therapy (

FIRST APPLICATION When: At the first application to establish a connection and to get a feeling for the frequency application Body: The kidneys and lungs should be energetically stimulated, hypersensitivity can be reduced and balance should increase Affirmation and intention: Feel good and be touched

SECOND APPLICATION When: At the second application, unless the first application was too intense Body: The kidneys and lungs should be energetically stimulated, hypersensitivity should be reduced and balance should continue to increase Affirmation and intention: My journey has begun

THIRD APPLICATION When: As soon as you’re ready for a more intense application Body: Kidneys, lungs, heart, and an accelerated energetic detoxification Affirmation and intention: Powerful waves of change are coming to me

BREATH OF LIFE When: There are energetic issues associated with lungs and their surrounding organs, including the breast, along with feelings related to weakness and occasional sad feelings. Body: Lungs and all energetic afflictions in the surrounding area Affirmation and intention: My breath is a reflection of the breath of the universe

CLEAN ALL When: Appropriate for follow-up after energetic purification as an energetic support for all purification pathways. It is advisable to include this program in a sequence of applications, as any release on any level of the system often causes a need for purification. To release old blockages from the energetic body and mind. Body: Complete energetic purification of various systems, such as kidneys, lungs, liver, digestive system, lymph, and circulation system Affirmation and intention: My body is pure, I feel comfortable in it.

DIGEST ALL When: Recommended for disharmonies in the Bioenergetic Field of the digestion that blocks further progress. For this program, adhesive electrodes can be used. They should be placed at the level of the ankle on the front side of the foot acupuncture point ST 42. Body: Intestines, stomach, pancreas, gallbladder Affirmation and intention: I accept my past, digest and integrate it.

GO TO THE ROOTS When: Only use when the symptoms have subsided and the recovery process has begun. All essential energetic functions should work normally. The energetic causes on the mental level and emotional patterns will now be addressed. This program is suitable as the conclusion of a series of applications. Body: Intestines, stomach, pancreas, gallbladder Affirmation and intention: I feed my roots and grow into a strong tree.

FREE FLOW When: To energetically harmonize the Bioenergetic Field of the circulation. It is suitable for use after basic harmonization of the Bioenergetic Field of the kidney and lungs, as well as for general energetic stiffness. Body: Intestines, stomach, pancreas, gallbladder Affirmation and intention: My movement, blood flow, and circulation are powerful

RENEWAL When: If energetic harmonization is desired. Body: Bones, skin, tendons, vessels, nerves, muscles, and DNA Affirmation and intention: Everything is restored, pain is temporary

KIDNEY ALL FEMALE & KIDNEY ALL MALE When: To harmonize the Bioenergetic Field of the kidneys and harmonize energetic processes that are related to the kidney according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. The acupuncture point K5 to K6 (below the ankle on the inside of the foot) is suitable for electrode placement. K5 to K6 (or SP6) is close to the tibial nerve, which can also be indirectly stimulated. Caution: Do not use SP6 or K5-K6 stimulation during bleeding, which also includes menstruation. Body: Kidney, adrenals, bladder, urinary system, ovaries, genitals, prostate and related bio-energetic problems Affirmation and intention: My energy flows freely

PURE CALM When: It should contribute to inner peace, emotional and spiritual balance. Body: Energetic Muscle relaxation. The other parts of the program are intended to support the non-physical aspects of life Affirmation and intention: I’m connected to everything

It appears the Deep Cycle H programs are enhanced, to align more with the harmonics of nature. Specifically: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd application are replaced with Sensitive, Free Flow may be replaced with Circulation, and Pure Energy and Energy Work were added, see: 163464339 (760×1104) (

Having now re-read the descriptions above, knowing that she has a wet cough, sadness beneath anger, and possible fear (with the engagement of the kidneys, and what is mentioned below), I paused my writing to vibrate this to her information field, even though the percents were low. To try to help her feel more secure, and reveal more of the root cause, over time.

A nice feature of the Healy is: you don't have to run everything right away. You can think about the recommendations, and then later run it if you want to, as many times as you feel it is helpful, for any person, situation, animal, place, concept, etc. that has shown a need for it in the past.

Physical programs can be run at any time. But vibrations to the information field can only be run if the person, situation, etc., showed a need for that program, as a top 5, at some point in time. And, they can only be run in the group they appeared in. But, the information field should only accept what is needed.

4) Mental Programs: 55% need for contentment acute, 53% need for contentment system, 47% need for well-being soul, 44% need for feel good system, and 35% need for inner strength system.

While the percents on these are low (less than the 66% cutoff), I still ran this vibration to her information field, because they felt relevant for my experience of our daughter, over the past week.

Below are some more descriptions of the Mental programs (from: Nina Alyssa)

Inner Strength syst. - Energetic promotion of self-confidence in case of anxiety

Emotional Well-being - Energetic balancing of emotional blockages

Feel good syst. - Energetic activation of confidence in cases of dejection

Contentment syst. - Energetic balancing of the inner centering in addictive and compensatory behavior

Contentment acute - Supports inner balance via cranial stimulation in cases of nicotine addiction

Inner Unity - Energetic reorganization of the psychic wholeness

Well-being Soul - Energetic balancing of compulsive behavior

Mental balance acute - Supports mental balance via cranial stimulation

Reading this, I wonder, she is clearly not a smoker, but, she appears to be trying the best she can to cope and compensate, when she is taken from her mother, and can't get her way, and others are not skilled to work with her, in a way that works for her.

Many kids say "fine, then I'll hold my breath", a very similar restriction of oxygen to smoking.

This is why I love modalities like this (and Human Design): you get to have more compassion for what the person may be going through, and it feels good to care, instead of being frustrated and angry.

There may be no good solution at the time, just continuing to try, be aware, and offer more love, given this new perspective, and when you finally see where the problem is coming from, you can course correct, as I did, see below.

I ran this vibration to her information field, and will continue to monitor.

5) Job Programs: 66% need for positive thoughts, 53% need for exhaustion system, 37% need for extreme stress, 36% need for exhaustion acute, and 33% need for balanced nerves.

Again, additional information below is from: Nina Alyssa:

Activation - Bioenergetic stimulation of mental clarity

Positive thoughts - Energetic orientation towards positive thoughts

Balance Nerves - Bioenergetic promotion of the beta state

Fatigue - Energetic reduction of strains

Exhaustion syst. - Bioenergetic balancing of the adrenal hormones

Exhaustion acute - Supports stress resistance via cranial stimulation

Extreme Stress - Bioenergetic support of mental and physical balance

Adrenals sit on the kidneys, and RestoreChi treats them with fire-water balance. From an Esogetic Medicine perspective, we don't run brain wave programs on anyone under the age of 12yrs, because they do not naturally experience all brain states in a dominant form until then, see: Walking the elements, raising kids (

So, what about her experience is pushing her into brain states (specifically beta), which only become dominant after 12yrs of age?

Poor girl, all of this is just too much for her. Esogetic Medicine says, what a child can not process (or change) mentally, they process physically (and sometimes this helps them get their way). I ran this vibration to her information field, and will continue to monitor.

6) Meridians 2: 62% need for spleen/pancreas, 54% need for lungs, 45% need for organ, 45% need for kidney, and 43% need for lymphatic.

As mentioned here Easy ways to shift and grow (, there are many ways to assess which TCM meridians could use support.

I like the European approach to TCM (seen in the Healy and Esogetic Medicine), which puts a higher priority on the Pancreas.

In TCM, the spleen is the mother after birth, and in Esogetic Medicine, I believe the pancreas is the father.

There are a lot Mother-Father and Masculine-Feminine (steping out into the world and self-care) Esogetic Medicine treatments, not to mention cutting attachments to familial and genetic patterns.

Our kids, like many, have issues between mom and dad. First they were too clingy to mom, now dad is great when mom is not what they seek, but at times dad is too stressed to be kind, though he is great, when mom was not what they seek.

However, it is forbidden to do mother/father treatments on a child, as they contract to have the experience they get with their parents, and to undo this too early, can cause them to become very disturbed. Its better for mom and dad to become better parents, than to destabilize how the child sees their mom and dad so early on.

And, in my experience, kids are here to teach us. So, to shift their experience of us, is something we do, when their efforts to change us were met with blind eyes and deaf ears. But to shift them, when it is us who should shift, feels like an insult to part of their soul’s purpose.

Since the scan was organ-related and not parent-specific, I ran this vibration to her information filed. A wet cough is very much lungs, and, we have seen the kidney suggestion a few times already.

7) After the above, I ran the Cell Salts analysis (which, along with everything below, only has a vibration option, no physical program), because of my own personal interest in astrology, see: It’s all your Soul Contract (, and found: 49% need for #1, 46% need for #16, 45% need for #2, 41% need for #5, and 39% need for #3.

Cell salts 1, 2, 3, and 5 are tied to the astrological signs Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, and Aries, as per the article mentioned, and Cell Salts >#12 are not assigned to astrology.

Given that these percents are below 66, I did not run or look any further into how this might apply to her astrology.

8) Next, I ran the Vital Substances (vitamins, minerals, and amino acids), as this feature was the initial reason I considered acquiring a Healy (I don’t want to force my kids to pill pop, vitamins or not), and simply trusted and vibrated what was recommended to her information field: 60% need for chlorine, 59% need for D3, 57% need for K1 (which I believe helps vitamin D into the bones, bones are kidney in TCM), 56% need for B7, and 54% need for Palmitic Acid.

Curious, given my recent article about chlorine, that chlorine was listed: Rite of passage - mixing chemistry (

According to Healy homeopathy "like cures like", so, maybe she IS reacting to too much chlorine/bleach on the toys in the programs we have tried?

9) So, I ran the materia medica, which is the homeopathic database for the Healy. But, I would only really go to a homeopathic if I was approaching feeling the need for a drug, which I was not, so, I left the findings alone and moved onto the psychological correspondent...

10) Creative Homeopathy - Psyche (as I feel most of this is emotional, even though part of it is physical), sparing you the technical terms, the results were: 83% self rejection causing masochistic behavior, 82% needing sustenance and support for empowering, 74% the delusion of feasibility turns life into a struggle, 71% fulfillment of duties, having to perform without aggression, and 69% distrust of one's capabilities.

All of these percents are quite high. I vibrated this to her information field, and will continue to ponder how I can improve my support and messaging for her, so maybe she doesn’t feel the need to think this way.

And, that's a wrap for the scans.

Was she any better after I sent her all the vibrations to her information field? Well, she still got upset, and took a mid day nap (which is not her usual, when she is well).

But, after her nap, we emptied and reloaded the dishwasher together (which she then ran half full, without soap, without my knowledge). Then we did laundry, and again, without my knowledge, a pee filled pullup diaper went in the wash, and all the clumpy chemicals could be seen, as I transferred the load to the dryer. Not much else I knew to do at that point, but hope and trust the machines could manage and correct, without breaking. They did, for the most part, I just had to wipe up and rewash one item.

At bed time I fell asleep first. At some point she hit me in the mouth with her head. When I asked for an apology, she cried. When I moved to another bed (in the same room), after saying I would have to do that if she didn’t stop kicking at me, she stormed out of the room. This was an important moment. Her older sister often tells her “if she doesn’t let her play with what she wants how she wants she’s leaving”. She learns that from me (sigh). Our little almost 3yr old is trying to be so grown up, but is making mistakes, more than she can handle, and the fallout, of all the impacts between others, is more than she has words for. Also, something about the laundered diaper leaking garbage chemicals to the other clothes, is captured below, with parent detox impacting child.

I of course went downstairs to reassure her of my love and support, explained and apologized for my behavior. I’ve never been great at the end of day when I am tired.

Our middle child often asks for stomach and sinus congestion treatments end of day, and our oldest likes to tell me about his body pains. I resolved this, by problem solving how to treat them when I was more well-rested, and then when the complaint come end of day, I will just follow through on my own recommendations, like a technician.

As for my husband’s stress and frustration, I tried to get him to wear the upgraded RestoreChi speaker I got him, that is for the eldery, who don’t want to bother with setting up technology to heal. Yeah, he took it off mid day, so I reminded him to put it back on. And, because his efforts are minimal, I matched his effort, and ran scans from the car, while waiting for our kids in their programs. I didn’t look into anything too deeply, and deleted my attempts to document, because this brought me more peace, which is what he needs.

As I eluded to above, I am concerned that my detoxing (or other treatments I’ve been using on my self, while the doors are open) has put more on our youngest to process. But, to detox without impacting her physically, means I need more time for me, which impacts her social-emotionally.

Sometimes, we do what we can, and fix the damage we do as a result, and that is the best we can do, as part of our learning experience, as parents. I’ve also gotten into a better habit of spraying cleansing RestoreChi water.

As Healy users can utilize crystal energy to stabilize more etheric flower essences, I am loving, balancing energetic medicine, with gifts from the earth:

Knowing that I have so much support around me. To teach, guide, and help, if I get stuck.

The two photos above represent fire and earth, respectively. While processing and sharing through my writing is air, and many of the treatments I do on my self involve water or ozone.

This is what I am here for:

To learn how to navigate many aspects of life, through multiple forms of information and nature.

How about you?

Our daughter’s morning phlegm cough is pretty bad today, but it will clear, and instead of meds to keep it locked in, we will give her the time to release it.

While not all families can put their life on hold, the kids and I can, because we understand this is an important part of life.

Also, related to kidney/bladder, our daughter is showing zero interest in potty training at almost 3yrs, when her older siblings asked for underwear at at 2.5yrs (successful or not in making it to the toilet on time or keeping the bed dry). I think this is part of being a baby in covid, less external peer and social pressure to rush what need not be rushed.

And, as for detox vs illness, since I felt this too, I feel this is detox, because the body remains strong while it releases garbage. However, we still need to be mindful of others, whenever we release (physical, emotional, experiential, mental, etc) garbage, we can negatively impact others. Venting has many forms, and mindfulness of good hygiene is important, without going to the level of fear, chemicals, and physical restraints. Just clean water, and direction of air, energy, intention, and honest observation. It’s a lot, but bit by bit, we get better, and it’s worth it!!

And for me, all I did today, was recognize a pain in my liver, and apply a RestoreChi decal just above my inner left ankle. A friend stopped by and took my TCM pulse, confirming kidney cold/dampness, liver congestion, resulting in a weak heart. I offered our youngest a decal to tape just below her left armpit, to help her clear phlegm, she declined, so we stayed in all day.

Sending love, and gratitude.



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