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Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety is something I know intimately. And there are many facets to it, in my experience.

One is that sometimes how we feel is not ours at all, but an exaggeration of how someone else may be feeling. Because some of us feel other people's emotions in an exaggerated way, we become overly careful not to trigger certain emotions in others, because we don't want to feel their reaction. We do not realize that what we feel is an exaggerated version of what they feel, and that we can use this as helpful information to understand, support, and have more successful interactions with them.

Another facet of anxiety is not feeling good about who we are. Not realizing that maybe we are different than who people expect us to be, and that this is ok. Some of us were literally born to be different, so we can be pioneers, share truths others do not see, and move society forward.

Its not an easy job, but when you know this is what you are here for, it becomes a lot easier to settle into being yourself and forget about trying to be like somebody else.


The bottom line is: do you like yourself, do you feel safe to be yourself?

If you do, you can allow anxiety to pass, and it will.

You also need to have a bit of faith and understanding about how this world really works. You are not going to be stranded and homeless unless that is the path you wanted to explore in this lifetime, and if that is your path, you will find gems along the way.


We worry a lot because we are programmed to worry. We are told if we don't do ABC we are going to fail and our life is going to suck. Says who?! It is more important to know who you are and to be yourself. Once you've claimed your gifts, no one can ever take them away from you.

If this is something you would like to explore further, go here to book a free no obligation 15min consultation.

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