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What are the Gene Keys?

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Wouldn't it be nice to be able to forgive yourself for your apparent shortcomings?
Wouldn't it be great to see your child, not for their flaws, but for who they are trying to become, and what they need to go through first, in order to get there?
Wouldn't you like to know your options for good verses less ideal responses, when you are being triggered, as well as important things for you to work on, in order to become the best version of yourself?

Human Design considers the placement of 13 planets/celestial bodies, at our time of birth and 3 months before, resulting in 26 areas of activation that very accurately determine how our energy works, how it impacts others, and how we can navigate our lives successfully.


Gene Keys takes 11 of these 26 areas of activation and shows us:

  • what a person needs to feel secure/supported/safe/happy in life
  • what their greatest challenge will be
  • what they need for optimal health, vitality, fulfillment, and enjoyment in life
  • how they are prone to react when emotionally or intellectually triggered
  • what dilemmas they are here to work through, starting as early as childhood (age 7-14)
  • how their mind is likely to develop, and can be leveraged, starting in adolescence (age 14-21)
  • what solutions they are likely to provide for others 
  • what wound they are here to help us heal
  • what shadows they have to forgive themselves for, as certain gifts can only grow from certain experiences 
  • and much more

Gene Keys is intended to be worked through as a self-discovery process, through periods of contemplation. I do not offer Gene Keys readings, out of respect for its founder/creator, Richard Rudd. But I do include Gene Keys charts in my analysis, and I am happy to show my clients that this system exists, some things they may want to be aware of, and show them the various options they have to learn more about their Gene Keys chart, and that of their loved ones.

For parents, knowing your child’s Gene Keys can improve how you see your child, as a work in progress, and what they really need from you to support their optimal development. Please see my parent-child page (and related tabs) for more information.

In relationships, it is always good to know the other person's Gene Keys, because then you will know what their shadows look like when they are triggered, what is important for them to work through (for their own well-being), and what may be harder (or easier) for them than it is for you (so you can have more appreciation for each of your unique potentials and more compassion for each of your unique struggles). We are not the same! Please see my relationship page for more information.

For entrepreneurs, knowing your Gene Keys will allow you to align to your gifts of service, how you are meant to attract, work, and serve others, and what you can do for them if you just relax into your natural self. This information supports you to gauge your expectations and play to your true strengths, so that you can be successful and fulfilled beyond anything you can get to by just following what you think you want or the strategies others have used that have worked for them. Please visit my business page (and related tabs) for more information.

To access YOUR gene keys chart, using the same FREE software that I use, go here:

Here are the books I use most often:

- Venus Sequence

- Pearl Sequence

- Core Wounds

These audios are also super valuable (which are easier to digest than the original text, although the original text is handy if you really want to go deep in your contemplation and studies), as are these images, and I also highly recommend the Dream Arc.

I share, so you can explore on your own too. Reach out, if you need any additional guidance, or someone to talk you through your progress.

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