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Overcoming Trauma

Trauma doesn't have to be severe to have an impact. Anything that has affected you, stopped you in your tracks, caused you to take on a negative belief about yourself, or caused you to put up a wall to protect your heart and push others away, could be considered a trauma.

Overcoming trauma can take time. Often our trauma is re-triggered when we least expect it. But, when it is triggered, this is actually an opportunity and invitation to understand it, release it, and let it heal.

Not everyone understands how trauma works and what to do with it. As someone who has experienced quite a bit of trauma, and has been able to release it successfully, I am aware of the various professionals to refer people to, depending on what stage of the Trauma release process they are in.

It is critical to release your Trauma, when it comes up for healing. You need love, a safe place, and someone who is properly trained to support you as you let it go.

If you feel it is time to process and let go of any trauma that you have experienced in your life, go here to book a free no obligation 15min consultation. I can give you some options on where to start.

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