From Fear and Blame to Recovery and Play

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With the birth of each of my children, my business has grown in leaps and bounds!

The lesson with my most recent pregnancy, was to incorporate a lot more healing and play!

I have always had Divine Healing on board, but as I experienced so many symptoms through my very challenging pregnancy, I met with a lot of other unique practitioners (who offer another piece to the puzzle), and my own healing abilities grew.

To support greater detox and healing, some of the new modalities I have learned or expanded upon include RestoreChi (a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine), Energy Awareness, Find Your Truth, and much more.


I also collaborate with many local practitioners, to support and access a whatever is needed, on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. I opened up a pen-name called YHALP Unique Collaborations, where I write about all kinds of other practitioners who can support you, on their own, or in collaboration with the work that I do. This will continue to expand, and I am very excited to see where it all goes.

This work supports adults/youths to clear the baggage from the things they have carried for years in resentment, so that they can let them go and move into Recovery and Play.

This work also supports parents/people to understand what may be going on with their child (or loved one), so they can open up the lines of communication, to find a more effective and compassionate ways to resolve the root "problem/misunderstanding".

"Detox, Play, acting out of Self-Love, and walking away from Fear and Blame" is the main message my newborn is asking me to live by, and to share with those who are ready!

Play includes: empowering you to find your own guidance, through multiple fun modalities. As well as following your own Life Plan and strategies for success, so you can actually knock yourself off your feet with how much you are really capable of!

As far as empowering you to find your own guidance, I can show you various methods to communicate with Spirit and ask for direction. We will find the methods that resonate with you and suit your needs. There are so many options out there, and Spirit is always trying to communicate and guide you, if you are open to listen and know how to decode the messages Spirit sends.


The same methods can be used to connect with children or people (alive or dead), that you are unable to communicate with in person, for various reasons. Its fun and easy. You will be amazed! See "Storytelling Beads" and "Elemental Magic" for some examples.

Prior to carrying this baby, my business focused (and still does) on: 

  • people's unique psychology,

  • accepting ourselves, our kids, and our loved ones, as having different needs, strengths, and limits, and

  • following our own rules for success in: life, parenting, and entrepreneurship.

But now I also recognize that, even with this level of awareness, we still need a way to clear the body of what someone went through before they knew what everything meant. They may have also put blocks in place to limit their growth, until they were ready (these too can be removed, through my collaborative partners, which I am in the process of writing more about).

If you are ready to be FREE!

If you want to have FUN!

If you want to regain your HEALTH and VITALITY for life!...

Through: Self-Care, Self-Acceptance, Self-Love, working on your Life Lessons...

And walking away from: unnecessary drama, self-doubt, ego, or temptations to go back to YOUR OLD WAYS!

I welcome you to reach out for a FREE, no obligation, 15min consultation, to see if this is a fit for you!

"You have grown so much in this last year. I’m so grateful to be a witness to that! I can't even put into words the ways in which you have changed my life for the better. I am just grateful to be on this journey with you. Thank you!"

Kelly Peters

© 2021 by Alahnnaa Campbell.