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Navigating Autism Spectrum Disorders

As I mention on my YOU are the Shaman! page, my thoughts on this topic are evolving.


I've done readings for a couple of moms who's sons were diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. They found the information available through Human Design and Soul Contract allowed them to forgive themselves, and it was a relief for them to be able to see their kids from a more normalized perspective.


Like Bipolar, ADHD, Anxiety, or Learning Disabilities, I think we always have a choice in how we approach someone who seems to be more sensitive than others. We can search for a diagnosis and then try to get them to fit into their current reality, using medication and/or accommodations, or we can look for and accept their unique needs, vulnerabilities, and gifts.

Accepting someone for who they are and what they need, can spare them the pain of trying to be someone they are not.


In addition, RestoreChi and Esogetic Medicine offer methods to support people diagnosed with autism to feel more at peace, more grounded, and more able to communicate their needs.


See the following articles, for what can be done by seeing Master Yan (founder of RestoreChi):

In-spired: IVF, autism, and helping people heal

Yin Yang, and the 3rd perspectives

Eyes and brain, the magic of life is beyond what we can slice and stain - an IVF and Autism callback

Testimonial for Master Yan and RestoreChi, from a mother and her two kids


...and here is an Example of Esogetic Treatment for family of child with sensory processing, adhd, possible autism

Here is a 2-part video and slides (before slide 20 is pt1of2, after slide 20 is pt2of2), that shows how the many modalities I use can support families with kids who struggle (be it with Autism, sensory processing, or just not being well understood):

Here is another 2-part video and slides (slides 1-7 are pt1of2, slides 7-10 as pt2of2) that I created because Master Yan (founder of RestoreChi) is back in town, so I've added some RestoreChi articles to my Autism Binder. I also go over some key services that I use to support my family. I share how Esogetic Medicine can help, with regards to the impact of the prenatal and birth experience (comparing mainstream birthing processes to how math is taught in school), the brain areas involved in trauma, and treatments that are kid friendly. I also share that the way we do life is too fast, and people are suffering, because they cannot discharge the trauma of being forced to conform:

If you would like to explore this further, go here to book a free no obligation 15min consultation.

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