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Testimonial for Master Yan and RestoreChi, from a mother and her two kids

Updated: May 2, 2023

"During our family session with Master Yan, myself and my two kids all felt a noticeable improvement. My posture and ability to walk, as well as my eldest child’s fidgeting and eyesight, improved on the spot.

The day after our session with Master Yan, I felt I could breathe out more. Like my lungs were letting go of stuff. Almost like they were letting go of grief. It almost felt like all the smoking I have done in my life was leaving my body. My in-breaths we’re similar to what they were before, but my out-breath was longer and felt like it was reaching the bottom of my lungs. I felt a bit more grounded. It was easier to follow the thoughts in my head. Almost like everything slowed down.

Child A slept well and got a good amount of sleep. They felt more calm and better able to concentrate. Child B was also feeling better, less stressed out. They mentioned that it was weird that they could concentrate better. I guess similar to what I was feeling. But so far no huge emotions. Some issues, but with better emotional regulation.

Two days after our session, even though I felt extremely heavy, stepping on my whole foot to get upstairs, I also felt very pissed off and just not happy with things, which makes sense to me, as I am releasing old wounds. I was very hot and developed a very bad back ache, so I turned the speaker around to my stomach, and my body forced me to rest, take a break, and do nothing at all.

At this point I contacted Alahnnaa and she recommended the Central Governing track (included in the RestoreChi Monthly tracks). I tried that and checked in with her, at which point she advised to also try the Spinal Bone Stretch track. After running the Spine track, the pain zeroed in on a specific part of my lower spine, which made me realize it was the trauma caused by an epidural/spinal tap. I had a very difficult labour with Child A, which led to an emergency C-section, and my body stored that trauma (for more than 15yrs). Realizing this, I decided to run the Anesthesia Release track, and went to sleep (it was late in the evening by this point). The next morning I felt much better.

After looking at Alahnnaa's article (Paleontology- past, present, and future), I believe there is a lot of benefit to paying someone like Kevin for assistance with choosing which of the MonthlyTracks tracks would be good to try in each situation to help get things moving in the body. And I think the fee for the MonthlyTracks is also well worth it.

For example, having access to the Release Fire track (for fevers) and PVP/lung track (available for free on YouTube, accessible via has proven to be very beneficial for my kids. I have also used the Belt Meridian track in the past, when I had severe menstrual cramps.

Two days after our session, Child B continued to feel better, though they took a break from the speaker at the night. They were very engaged during dinner which was nice. Child A felt tired and emotional.

The next day, Child A felt fidgety, with some back pain, and weird levels of anxiety. They may need to see Master Yan for a follow up at some point. Keep in mind, that this is the child whose birth also caused me the epidural pain I mentioned above. My back still hurt, and I was feeling an intense amount of anger, getting triggered easily, but this is about what I would expect. And I know it takes time to integrate. After a break I felt better again.

I feel like clients should be advised that some time off may be needed after seeing Master Yan. The same as one might need after a procedure such as dental care, a scope, or minor surgery. Anything where a doctor/practitioner might recommend a day off after the procedure, as it might take time for the body to release trauma and integrate.

Also, I think maybe for kids that require a lot of parental guidance (like Child A), they may have a good reaction with their parent present, but then struggle as they try to integrate it, as their parent may not always be available to be completely supportive in the days after treatment (because of other children, responsibilities, work). It might make sense to treat these kids on their own and then spend a few days with them, helping them feel safe in their bodies.

There may also be lingering doubt that impact the effectiveness of treatment. I believe for me, I definitely felt Master Yan's influence on my body during treatment, therefore I know it was due to the treatment. My body is very resistant to change. Why? I'm not sure yet. But something happened and it is scared to change, to let go of the garbage. It's been this way for years, therefore my reaction to treatment is usually very strong or none at all, there is very rarely a "positive" reaction.

Why I believe I'll be able to integrate the information eventually? I'm not sure. But I do know that I'll take what I need and leave what I don't. I know that even though it will be hard, my body will eventually choose safety over suffering, as I grow and continue on my spiritual journey. It might take time. I have the capacity to accept things into my life, and I believe they will eventually work out. I've spent most of my life suffering, I feel like if I want to have the full experience, it's time to move into the part of my life where everything is done with ease.

A positive response like Child B probably has to do with readiness to change and a lack of doubt. Child B goes with what feels good and doesn't question it. It's part of the "problem", the impulsiveness and dopamine chase, but it also means that they will only choose things that are good for them.

Some people might have negative reactions that they attribute to the treatment because they're not ready and don't believe. And other people may have no reaction because their defenses are too high, or they attribute changes to other things (i.e., I was feeling better already before I played the track or came for treatment, so I don't think the track/treatment contributed to anything). All in all it is a proven fact that sound has an effect on our cells. There is no doubt (for me) that the RestoreChi tracks (and Master Yan's treatments) work.

Thank you Master Yan and your support team."

~ Mother, Trauma-Informed Gentle Loving Intuitive Hands-on Practitioner, who can to identify and move Inflammation (stuck emotion) via Lymph, Vagal, Fascia, Bone, and Energy Lines, and Creator of custom books and cards

(name left out to provide anonymity for the children)

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