How I use Astrology in my practice?

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*If you are confused to see two natal charts here, see: Using Astrology (and more) to integrate a walk-in soul

Wouldn't you like to know what are reasonable expectation is for yourself and your child?
Wouldn't you like to know your specific challenges in this life, so you can forgive yourself when you fall short, or when something seems easier or different for someone else, than it is for you?
Wouldn't it be nice to have one more way to forgive your parents, for your upbringing, as you can see confirmation that they provided the exact background that you needed to become the person that you are today?

Astrology has been around for thousands of years, and there continues to be more and more ways to use someone's astrology in order to understand another aspect of their unique psychology, life path, and purpose.

The way I use astrology is to provide another lens to look through. 

Although astrology can have a reputation that casts doubt in many people's minds, I believe this is because Astrology is often simplified to just one of 12 signs that someone's sun may be sitting in when they are born. But astrology is way more complex than that. It is all about cycles that people have noticed tend to occur. Patterns that seem to be true, time and time again.


And through these patterns, people find ways to: ​

  • accept who they are,
  • why they struggle,
  • why they may be late (or early) to mature in some areas,
  • why they are prone to feel like an outsider,
  • why they may be less good at getting along, or learning to work with others, or learning to do things on their own, or moving outside their comfort zone, etc.

Like all the systems I use, this is about self-acceptance, and acceptance of who our children really are.


This allows us to shine a brighter light on our gifts and goals, than we shine on our faults. So that we can support our kids, and ourselves, in a positive way. Which I have found can eliminate mental health issues not only in our kids, but also in ourselves.

There are also aspects of Astrology embedded in a new modality that I am training in, including how to treat imbalances in each of the Astrological signs and planets. See: Find Your Truth

If you are interested in gaining this unique and important perspective for yourself or your family, go here to book a free no obligation 15min consultation.

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To access YOUR astrology chart, using the same FREE software that I started out with, before shifting over to a paid professional program, go here:

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