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"You Have A Life Plan" elastic wristbands / hair ties


Order your FREE "You Have A Life Plan" elastic wristband / hair tie, by emailing

This wristband is an easy way to remind the wearer that:

- there is a reason for everything we experience in life, 

- ALL of us are a gift, 

- there is NOTHING wrong with any of us, and 

- the answers are available!

Order a few, if you want to have some on hand, to give to someone in need of this kind of reminder / support.

No pressure, no obligation, no stigma, just a gift of love, and a reminder that we ALL matter!

"I love this elastic wristband, as it reminds me that I do have a plan and I am on a journey. The colour green also reminds me that I am always growing. It is also the colour for mental health and Love (the heart chakras)! I also find this wristband to be a great place to put my favorite scented oils. Thank you very much for this gift!"

Kelly Peters

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