I think we have lost the art of understanding and caring for our own bodies...


We are so quick to think we need to go to a medical professional, that we need saving, and that chronic illness is something we will have for life.


I think this is because allopathic medicine does not know how to cure us of many things, because they don't have the time to explore the unique path each of us take to become ill, nor are they able to see and treat us daily, according to our unique needs. Many of us, quite frankly, need to change our lives in drastic ways (i.e., quit unhealthy working arrangements) in order to regain our health, and this is outside the domain of allopathic medicine to prescribe.

Self-care is NOT their job.

I don't know why we, as a society, ever farmed this job out to others? Although I can guess...

RestoreChi is a great way to get people back to thinking about how their bodies should work when healthy, and how to support their bodies to regain health.


Although the creator of this modality, Master Yan (you can read more about him here: "The story behind RestoreChi"), is incredibly gifted and able to heal people who are very far gone, with life threatening or debilitating illness, this is not a skill I have seen him be able to transfer to his students.


Students who continue to apply themselves to work with the wisdom, do know how to use the tracks he has created, to maintain and regain health, when it goes a bit off course, and this is something we can teach others.


Here is an outdated, but ever growing resource, for the many ways in which RestoreChi can be used to support and regain health: "Success Stories using RestoreChi"

Here are some articles that speak to how I like to empower my clients to use this knowledge:

- "Prepare your body for the Corona Virus", and 

- "You need to get the garbage out of your body!"

Follow the RestoreChi LinkedIn Page (make sure you read the ABOUT section on the LinkedIn Page, the last few sentences applies everywhere, for everything!), and go here if you want to learn more: RestoreChi Learning Tools

Empower your self! Regain your ability to know and care for your self and others!

None of us are victims, our bodies are talking to us, because this is how our bodies let us know the present circumstance is a misfit for our best interest in life. We are all meant to be healthy, unless our life goal is to experience and work with the illness itself, to gain understanding and maybe support others, but even then, that is empowering, and not a victim stance.

If this method of healing/self-care is not what you are looking for, check out my Esogetic Medicine, Divine Healing, Elemental Magic, and Courses and Workshop pages, for more options.

Love, Bless, and Strong, now and always!

"RestoreChi is an easy and effective way to add self care on a daily basis. Over the last year, Alahnnaa has supported me to navigate the selection of 80+ RestoreChi tracks, to address my specific needs, as they presented themselves. In July, when I was able to start seeing clients again, Alahnnaa coordinated a collaborative discussion with myself, another RestoreChi expert (Kevin Youkana), and the head of an alternative school, so we could hash out how to use the RestoreChi tracks as a safety protocol for back to work/school."

Maria Fiordalisi, Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Aromatherapist, Holistic Wellness Coach, and much more

"Alahnnaa has such knowledge and wisdom with regard to using the RestoreChi tracks. Not just for me, but also for my dog. Her ability to guide me to select the right tracks to use, given my set of symptoms, is second to none. Working with her has been so empowering and insightful!"