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I think we have lost the art of understanding and caring for our bodies...


We are so quick to think we need to go to a medical professional, that we need saving, and that chronic illness is something we must live with. We don't. What we need is to learn how to self-care, so symptoms don't pop up as cries for help from our bodies!


The misconception about chronic illness, I think, stems from allopathic medicine being unable to cure us of many things, because they don't have the time to explore the unique path each of us take to become ill, nor are they able to see and treat us daily, according to our unique needs. Many of us, quite frankly, need to change our lives in drastic ways (i.e., quit unhealthy working arrangements) in order to regain our health, and this is outside the domain of what anyone can prescribe. It has to be our choice. Self-care and awareness is something we each have to do for our selves.

RestoreChi is a great way to get people back to thinking about how their bodies should work when healthy, and how to support their bodies to regain health when things fall out of balance.

The creator of this modality (Master Yan) is incredibly gifted and able to heal people who are very far gone, with life threatening or debilitating illness. Students who continue to apply themselves, can learn how to use the tracks and tools Master Yan has created, to maintain and regain health, when it goes a bit off course, and this is something we can teach our clients.

Recommendations to get the best experience with RestoreChi:

1) get a device that you can dedicate to running RestoreChi, for cost and quality we recommend a FireTablet.

2) get a comfortable Bluetooth Speaker, for comfort and quality we recommend the Bose, if you're looking for a less expensive option, the Jam Hang Up is also good.

3) depending on your condition, experience, and whether Master Yan is in town, there are several ways to enter into using RestoreChi. Some of the options include WaterCards, Cream, FullHealing9, a decal, band, the Specialty Tracks (rental, with guidance), MonthlyTracks (with or without paid guidance), 1-2 MonthlyTracks at a time (with guidance, so you are not overwhelmed by 80+ tracks). I'm there for you for what I can do well, and when I think you would benefit from someone who is dedicated to just RestoreChi, I will offer you a referral.

4) this track is also always available for free: (url redirects to a YouTube video, that plays the track, with some explanation from Master Yan) 

5) it can be handy to wear your speaker around your waist, the moko belts are great for that

6) these can also be handy to use with the water card: cool mist humidifier and continuous spray bottle, not only clean the air in a room, but also to heal eyes, dry throat, refresh skin, and halt hair loss, etc.

7) for those of you considering a session with Master Yan, here is a detailed testimonial of what to expect and how to prepare for what you may experience afterwards: Testimonial for Master Yan and RestoreChi, from a mother and her two kids

8) here isThe story behind RestoreChi

9) and here is a Manual for the MonthlyTracks. If you find it useful and want to donate to the creators of this manual, please send an etransfer to and put RestoreChiManual in the comments and I will forward an equal portion to each creator.

Reach out if you're ready to be empowered and to explore.

I have recently written many articles about RestoreChi, in particular what it is like to see Master Yan for healing, which can be found here


Here is a video I created in 2020, that gives an intro to TCM and how to navigate the RestoreChi MonthlyTracks: 


Here is an update of how I tend to use RestoreChi now, as of March 2023. For slides and access to the other presentations in this series, go to: Video Presentations Introducing Esogetic Medicine, MeridianWork, and RestoreChi (

"After I had my appendectomy, Alahnnaa was there for me, in ways I thought other people should have been, but weren't able to be, at the time. Through coming to my home, assessing my needs, treating me with Esogetic Medicine and RestoreChi, taking me to see Master Yan, and referring me to other practitioners, not only did I recover in ways I thought I might never be able to, I was also able to unlock more of my gifts, which are part of what she lists on her outside practitioner page."


"RestoreChi is an easy and effective way to add self care on a daily basis. Over the last year, Alahnnaa has supported me to navigate the selection of 80+ RestoreChi tracks, to address my specific needs, as they presented themselves. In July, when I was able to start seeing clients again, Alahnnaa coordinated a collaborative discussion with myself, another RestoreChi expert (Kevin Youkana), and the head of an alternative school, so we could hash out how to use the RestoreChi tracks as a safety protocol for back to work/school."

Maria Fiordalisi, Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Aromatherapist, Holistic Wellness Coach, and much more

"Alahnnaa has such knowledge and wisdom with regard to using the RestoreChi tracks. Not just for me, but also for my dog. Her ability to guide me to select the right tracks to use, given my set of symptoms, is second to none. Working with her has been so empowering and insightful!"


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