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Master Yan’s FIRE and BALANCE tracks, to reclaim time and energy, to get back on task

These articles speak to the original versions of the RestoreChi specialty tracks:

Since the earlier versions, there was the stem track, which is eluded to in the second article above, followed by the fusion track, which I wrote about extensively, see (for an example):

Now Master Yan has moved onto the fire and balance tracks. The fire track is mostly being applied to the heart, to increase the Yang in the blood, because Yin blood is breading ground for cancer, as it allows tumor cells to clump. There are many indications that we are going to continue to see an uptick in cancer, and many of us know why.

While this track was also being applied to try to balance Yin Yang from above and below, Master Yan has found that a faster way to reduce the tendency of having too much Yin below, is to engage the earth energy in clearing it up, in addition to universal energy from above, which is all he was using before (this is the balance track).

The fire track also increases the fire in all organs so they can work optimally, and removes dampness and chill, as mentioned in this article, which I only have in audio form now:

I share all of this because Master Yan is now done seeing clients for this round of his visit, he will be back before Christmas. And in the meantime, we need to return to self-care.

Of course the specialty tracks can still be rented in his absence, likely at a rate of $50/day/speaker, with either intuitive or pulse testing, to evaluate progress and guide treatment, not from me. This will be missing the tweaks Master Yan usually does on a client before use, as well as his invitation to spend the day listening to the track in your car, through a radio station he provides, and free use of speakers between your paid sessions with him (or until the battery dies if you're seeing him at the tail end of a visit), but sometimes "better than nothing, if your situation can't wait for Master Yan's return".

I feel the need to explain why I put my work on hold (including the use of his very effective RestoreChi monthly/maintenance tracks) when Master Yan is in town. Although I do continue to provide extensive support to my clients, whom I drive to see Master Yan, because it's helpful to support the psychological, mental, and esoteric, with the physical. It's because:

...the work I do, to help people align to their intended life path, lessons, seeing self and others with more compassion, requires a certain level of health, functioning, time, and energy.

Most people are willing to work with me, not when they are at their best, but when they have been broken down, by trying to do it whatever way they have been trying to do it.

Seeing Master Yan for healing, allows clients to reduce their pain and debility, and increase their energy, time, health, and ability. Because we all die, and when we are not following our life path, support for our life is withdrawn from above. If we want to actually do our life right, we need to reverse some of the damage, to get more time, more energy, and a chance to make the most of this life.

And then, with this added ability to function, with more health, time, and energy, we have to go "back into the box", which is a ballroom dancing metaphor my husband and I use, to refer to returning to a healthier diet or way of living, after letting loose for too long. I apply it here, to going back to assessing ourselves, and applying treatments again, to remind our body how to function in a healthy way, and to be able to see what life is trying to teach us and where it wants us to go:

In Human Design terms, we are passenger consciousness, and the most disappointing thing for me, is to feel too sick to be able to engage in life, serve others, and further my learning and expression

I hope this is helpful for some, in gaining context, of how everything fits together, and why I do what I do.


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