Outside Referrals


I strongly see the value of using both sides of, not just the brain, but the body and heart.

While I have learned to connect with local organic farms, plant and care for my own herbs, and make the odd essential oil, supplement, or food-based remedy (see How to self-care in an increasingly toxic world), I am not a practitioner in these physical sciences. 

My work is more focused using esoteric/traditional concepts (such as AstrologyGene Keys, Soul Contract, Human Design, Divine Healing, YOU are the ShamanEsogetic Medicine, Tuning into the Information System, RestoreChi, and more), so my clients can understand their life experiences (including physical symptoms, relationship struggles, and any other frustrations or conflicts), and make choices that are more aligned with their unique life path. Doing so, can also coincide with a return to multidimensional health (if possible).

While most practitioners would direct you back to the medical community, for your physical health concerns beyond their area of expertise (and you should go there, if it feels right for you), here are some other options that can support a return to multidimensional health:

- Detox, Ozone Sauna, Lymphatic Massage, Sequex Mat, Vegan Tips, and more

- Colonic Hydrotherapy

- Medical Medium and Supplements

- Breathwork, Radical Forgiveness, and Women's Groups
- Essential Oils, Reflexology, Food, Education, and more

- A chiropractor gifted in energy, spirituality, moving bones in the skull (for eyes, teeth, brain, sinuses, and more), as well as retained primitive reflexes, who can also act as a primary health care provider

- Guided Meditation and Past Life Regression

- Stimulating Kundalini Rising, maybe?

- Spiritual aspects of body Movement and ALIGN Foundations

- Crystals, Cards, Community, and more at The Mystic Tree

- When we grow, we move and when we move, we are often asked to grow. For a high integrity, supportive, realtor and team, contact Jake Novis (aware of and open to working with Soul Contract energies)

Please know, even if I mention a modality/practitioner (or several) in a session with you, that doesn't mean that you have to see them all in order to complete your healing journey. These are just options, if and when, it feels right for you. Always listen to your unique guidance!