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Resource RoundTable


A Resource RoundTable is a way to collect high quality advice and support in one meeting.​


For one low price, based on your unique needs and ability to pay, we will collect a series of local experts to sit together with you, to see who might be able to provide some solutions, ideas, and guidance to move you forward.

A Resource RoundTable is for us to solve problems that many people feel are unsolvable, like:

- getting out of poverty,

- trying to leave a toxic work or home environment and still pay your bills,

- how to get off of long-term disability without the fear of being penalized,

- how to seek support without others losing faith in your ability to parent or work,

- how to support a family through complex issues and needs, etc.

So far we have hosted at least three very successful Resource RoundTables for clients in our community. 

If this is something that you are interested in exploring, to see if this could be a fit for you, please book a free 15min no pressure consultation here.

"I had a Resource Round table done with Alahnnaa and a few specialists regarding my not wanting to return to a toxic work environment. I’m a single mom who needs income to pay my mortgage so I felt stuck in having to go back somewhere that was really toxic to my health. After the meeting, I felt so many amazing things. I felt that my concerns were heard and validated. I felt supported. I felt hope - which I was really running out of! My situation was difficult but I was given some great support, resources, and practical suggestions for what I could do. I have implemented some solutions to make a return to work less daunting, as well as started to work toward an alternate form of income that I now have the confidence to pursue. I would definitely recommend this service for anyone who is stuck in a toxic situation and wants to learn what kinds of resources are available to help them lead a healthy and beautiful life. Thank you Alahnnaa from the bottom of my heart."


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