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Society isn't going to drop you if you decide to colour outside of the lines

Many people are afraid to follow their dreams. They think they have to keep doing a job they hate because they fear society will drop them if they don't.

Well, allow me to show you, this is not true! ...

Nine years ago, after at least 3 major mental breakdowns, which required me to take a leave from work/graduate studies, I decided to only work part-time and aim to work mostly from home.

I was never given government compensation to do so, I was not labelled as disabled. I did not ask for special favours because of my mental health state. I simply applied for part-time work, and in the interview requested work I would enjoy and could do from home, even if that meant they would hire me for a job other than what they thought they were interviewing me for.

Why did I have these mental breakdowns?

Quite simply I am incredibly sensitive.

In the work I do now, I start to feel the symptoms and problems of my clients even before I meet them and they decide to work with me. This allows me to have enough visceral experience of where they are at in order to guide them as best I can when they come to me for a session.

Second, I am a projector (by Human Design) with no defined motors. The trade off for being a guide for others is to have much less energy than most.

Finally, the workforce that I encountered was full of egos, bullying, and people laying down and thinking they have no choice but to take the abuse, or who were caught up in things I really do not care about. I couldn't stand it, and I couldn't play the game.

Ever since becoming a mom, in May 2012, I have managed to be home with my kids. I still worked, and they did some childcare here and there. In January 2015, I stopped working all together, again for health reasons, and because this was the flow of the contracts I was getting. And by 2017 I was fully trained in multiple modalities and running my own unique business.

Have we had to borrow money?

YES. But money is just simple math, and looking for options.

Has our lifestyle had to change?

Not really, we dropped cable TV, but I am very happy for that disconnection, and I don't buy things I don't need.

My son even colours outside of the lines when it comes to school.

He shows up late, he creates his own assignments (if the one assigned offends him), he writes his own rubrics, he can't read (even though most of his classmates can), and he still earns 'A's. He doesn't even care to read his teacher's feedback on his assignments, because he is satisfied to simply meet his own level of satisfaction with his work. He's 6!

His unwillingness to play by the rules doesn't make life harder for others, it actually enriches the teacher and principal's understanding of how to respect children.

I've seen many people go bankrupt or stop working for years and keep their home, even if they are threatened with eviction notices.

Society does not drop you! Nor are you a drain on society if you don’t fall in line!

If society “drops” you, then that is an experienced that you were seeking and will gain from at a soul level!

Society actually wants and needs you to colour outside of the lines.

This is how we evolve!

My services would not exist if I had not created my business, not in the way that I am capable of being of service! We are all so unique, with unique gifts to offer. Some will enjoy colouring inside the lines, but most only do it because they see no other choice.

I am not like other business/life coaches!

I do not promise that you will make millions or find happiness if you sign up with me and follow my methods. I actually feel those types of promises lack integrity.

The truth is: you will experience whatever you are here to experience - the highs, the lows, the disappointments, the tough lessons, or the unexpected easy breaks.

All I can say is if you align to your life plan (the one you designed for yourself before birth), if you are true to yourself, and flow with the feedback from the universe, you will find a more fulfilling life.

Fulfillment doesn't always mean riches! But like I said, society will not drop you.

I had a coach who said "entrepreneurship is a path to enlightenment". I think this is true, but only if you can drop your ego and flow with integrity. Otherwise you are just going to learn the hard way.

Secondly, if you are here to step into your power, then you must step into your power! If you are here to speak your truth, then you must speak your truth! If you are here to create, then you must create!

You can not pussy-foot around it. When you decide to embrace your destiny, you must be all in!

Do I think everyone should quit their jobs and become and entrepreneur or refuse to follow the normal school curriculum? NO. But, if doing your job or falling in line kills your physical/mental health or your soul, then YEAH, you need to find another way!

If you're looking for guidance, I am here. I can provide information on your unique psychology, life path, strategies for success and self-care, but you need to do the heavy lifting and decide whether to be all in and change your life, or not.

Society will not drop you. That is an illusion. But it may not always be easy, as walking through an illusion often means facing one's fears and embracing one's true potential.

Are you ready?

Here’s the funny part: Ask anyone who knows me and they will say I tend towards being an overachiever, producing way more than most in a shorter period of time. Yet I work part-time and often limit myself to seeing just one client per day, and I am a full time mom. Do the math. It doesn’t add up. And yet it does.

We survive because we are supported by the universe when we follow our intended life path and are of service to others. Period!

Love, bless, and strong.

Alahnnaa Campbell

MSc Psychology (Stress and Health)

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist

ps. I don't even follow normal sleep/work hours. Most of my articles are written at 4am, and then I go back to sleep!

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