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I am 4 months into an 11 month intensive certification program, for a modality that has proven itself time and time again with many treatment resistant clients, and continues to be developed and validated empirically (ie., repeatedly shown to be valid and effective), and tweaked as necessary, by its founder (a European naturopathic doctor and spiritual, esoteric, and physics polymath), over the past 30yrs.


Of course, I read every book I could get my hands on on the topic beforehand, and I am taking every supplemental course in parallel. But, I am not allowed to advertise practicing this modality until certification is complete. That is fine. I wouldn’t want to officially practice anything without completing the proper training. But, I do want to share what I am seeing:


We are all god, here on this earth to play with different versions of ourselves. And yet, most of us forgot we are god. Most of us are so gunked up with trauma and victim mindsets, literally wanting to die, that we adopt illness and say “we have no choice, we are too far gone“. All of this is baloney. But many believe it, and I respect that. Well, I’ll walk away and let people believe that. And I will work to support those who are ready to believe otherwise. 


I will also support parents to clear their kids from these shackles. So their kids and families don’t have to continue to suffer. 


Our kids were not born in the time when these tools are available, to clear their karma and worries from past lives, if we were not supposed to clear them from this garbage!


You can clear victim thinking, garbage in your matrix, and see more clearly WHO YOU ARE! 


I will warn you: who you are, and what you are here to do, you will only know, when you see more clearly. It may surprise you to discover what you believe and where you need to go, and when the blinders are off, they are off.


This work is for people who want and who need to access their own truth. 


I have no idea what is at the core of each person, other than what I can tell from their soul contract, human design, gene keys, and astrology. I can see their potential and where they may struggle. But some people deny their potential, the mountain to climb to claim it seems too high, because the baggage is too heavy. So, drop the baggage. But maybe you don’t know how?


That is what this modality is for. It cuts the baggage, the weight on the outside of your hot air balloon, it lets you claim your power, washes away the cobwebs, the excuses, the illnesses people hide behind, saying: “I can’t do that, I am ill”.


Nope, you are ill because you refuse to do what is in you as your higher calling. Feather, brick, or truck.


There are no promises with any modality, no matter how conventional or esoteric. 


You will have the experience you came into this life to have. And you can use your own willpower to decide - easy road, hard road, red pill, blue pill. 


Graduation day is the end of Jan 2021, and I will continue to study hard!

If this is of interest to you, reach out to learn more. I may charge less for my first few clients using this new modality.

Love, bless, and strong, now and always!

I really can not explain how this modality had an effect on me. I just woke up the next morning and decided it was time to clean up my basement and take charge of my business, my health, and my life. Gratitude!


I'm ready to go to school again. I'm not afraid of bugs anymore. I had a bad dream, and now its gone. Can I have another treatment?

4-5yr old

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