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Find Your Truth using Esogetic Medicine


Some of the things Esogetic Medicine can address, include:

- understanding what our body is trying to teach us through pain or other symptoms

- helping understand and move blocks to our life purpose

- balancing brain, body, and hormonal systems to function better together, clear garbage, communicate, provide the resources, and process information as a whole

- resolving conflict stress (especially those relating to the time before or at conception, in utero, birth, childhood, with our mother or father, genetic, ancestral, or collective baggage, and unhealthy attachments)

- releasing negative information, stagnation, and pain

Given all my training, experience, certification, and application, I know that:

- we are meant to process information and act accordingly with perfect health.

- the only reason we have health problems is to teach us how to be well.

- avoiding and masking illness only short-changes our personal growth.

- that said, too much illness or pain can make it hard to understand, self-care, or learn our lessons.

- this is why we are here to support each other.

It can be hard for many of us to "process information and act accordingly with perfect health" because we are raised by people who are not (and may never be) enlightened.

In fact, part of the programming of being here is to lose our way, to see if we can find it again.

Before coming into this life, we choose parents and social settings that would disorient us sufficiently, so that we can claim the gifts and lessons that we seek in this lifetime. There is no wrong, but there comes a time to undo the programming to live our life purpose, and that is what this modality is for.

Working with this modality is like telling the body that we now have the wisdom and support on board to do things right, to follow the signs, and to have a second chance at health, happiness, and thriving. 

When we follow the steps in each treatment, and see how the body responds, we learn what went wrong and how to fix it.

We are so unique, and yet, for all of us, the presence of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationship, or life pain (especially repeating experiences), is a sign that the lessons we have been unwilling to face are being held back. When we move the pain with treatment (instead of numbing), we are given a chance to face what has been held back, because the treatment sequence tells the body "Now we are ready".

Another aspect of Esogetic Medicine is reminding the body of what healthy function looks like. The body will usually choose to adopt healthy function over its current disordered state, and there is no forcing it to do so. The only thing that many will experience are symptoms of detox, elimination, and life change (or nothing, if we need to try a different avenue, to address the issue at hand). In some cases, I have experienced an increase in pain, but I have learned that when we treat the symptoms with our mind, this can happen, but when we treat what the body is asking for instead, we are much less likely to get a strong negative reaction. Any reaction get us to where we need to go, but it's not fun to have more pain.


Peter Mandel (the founder of Esogetic Medicine) is an extensively trained and well-connected body worker turned naturopath (with a solid foundation in TCM, medical astrology, endocrinology, immunology, brain function, stress, trauma, spiritual concepts, and more), who specializes in working with treatment-resistant clients, with very complicated/serious illness. To learn more about the components of Esogetic Medicine (including the dream zones, an example of something that may end up in your treatment binder) visit my Find Your Truth (archive) page.

My intention is to use this modality to educate people on how they process energy and information, what it feels like when energy or information gets stuck in their (multidimensional) bodies, and how to facilitate this energy and information to move, so they can regain their health, wellbeing, and alignment, and develop their personal wisdom. I also want to support one member of the family to know how to assess and treat their family, when illness or issues pop up.

When you are ready to clear the garbage, understand your life, and really partake in the adventure of engaging with your life lessons, to see things beyond your wildest imagination, reach out. Whatever bothers you is real, but that doesn't mean we can't resolve it.

Below are some videos from March 2023, I have of course grown in my understanding and application since then. For slides (and access to the other presentation in the series) go to: Video Presentations Introducing Esogetic Medicine, MeridianWork, and RestoreChi (

If your interested in buying your own equipment, see: Buying your own Esogetic Equipment

Working together, we can build a growing binder of information, containing your unique psychology and treatments that work well for you (and your family).

I had an earache for over two weeks. It was so painful that I couldn't sleep, this made me cry. Seeing my chiropractor (who also does cranial work) was helpful. Using hydrogen peroxide drops in my ear also helped break up and weaken the wax buildup. And then, listening to the Spirit audio track, from Esogetic Medicine, in the morning while I slept, is what finished the job. It feels so good to be back to normal.
Thank you!

10yr old

I feel a lot more balanced now. It's like when I come out of a yoga class. I never thought about taking energy out. I always thought depression meant I needed to put more energy in, but it actually feels good to pull some energy out. Thank you.

Inna Z

I really can not explain how this modality had an effect on me. I just woke up the next morning and decided it was time to clean up my basement and take charge of my business, my health, and my life. Gratitude!


I'm ready to go to school again. I'm not afraid of bugs anymore. I had a bad dream, and now its gone. Can I have another treatment?

4-5yr old

"The diagnostic process for this modality was like nothing I have ever experienced before. The amount of synchronicities identified through this process was absolutely astounding. I am shocked at how my body was pointing to all the areas I needed to heal, including my old emotional wounds that were now (and have been, across my entire life) manifesting as illness in my body. I had many questions and Alahnnaa was able to answer them all with ease. A plan for healing emerged from this process, and it has really inspired me, giving me new insights into my self and my life. Feeling Blessed. Thank you Alahnnaa, for all that you do!"

Kelly P

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