Find Your Truth using Esogetic Medicine


As a certified practitioner of Esogetic Medicine, I know that "we are meant to process information and then act accordingly with perfect health". I also know that "this can be hard for many of us to do, because of how children are raised" and yet, "the tools are available to remove this programming", whenever we are ready to wake up and live a less painful life, both physically (tortured by our past, which we either refuse to acknowledge or deal with or we have simply lost/forgotten), not wanting to look at who we fear we have been, to make a conscious choice to be a better person, here on out.


I took this training because, despite my best efforts, there were things that my children were exposed to, that mainstream society has no problem with, that has done considerable damage to them, and I knew with this modality, I could make it right, when they are open and ready to receive treatment. And, in fact, they attracted these experiences to them, so that I would learn this modality, in order to help others.


I did not realize how much I could also undo in my self, and how much I could grow, to become more aligned, less burdened, more honest, and more able to give back. 


It has been shocking to have my suspicions confirmed, that we (as a society) do considerable harm to our children, and that this is a choice we consciously participate in, because we refuse to look at the truth, and our children draw these experiences to them, as we draw our experiences to our selves. 


A lot of what we do to each other is not about us, though we make it out to be, it is more about what they are attracting into their lives, in order to remember the things they need to let go of and make right, in order to regain their health. 

I have often felt like I have been cheating in life, given an unfair advantage, to be able to discover who I am and what to do, in order to have the right amount of regret, to be able to grow, while also not being weighed down by my experience.


I liken this to when I went to see a practitioner who sets people's skulls back on their appropriate axis. I often get flashes of insight that I know are confirmations of past lives, and with him the insight I gained was that he had been doing this work for lifetimes, in the wrong, disconnecting people, and now he does this work, in order to make things right, for those who can benefit from what he has to offer. 

I too feel, with this modality, that I have been given back my tools and power, to make things right, for my self and others.


My gifts have long been withheld from me, because of my Soul Contract, I asked that I only be granted my gifts when I could use them with full integrity. And, because of my Astrology, I understand who I am and why. Slowly and humbly I move, to give others back their power as well. Only when they seek it and are ready. Is this you?

The founder of this modality (an extensively trained and connected naturopath) specializes in working with treatment-resistant clients with very complicated/serious illness.

My intention is to use this modality to educate people on how they process energy and information, what it feels like when energy and information gets stuck in their (multidimensional) bodies, and how to facilitate this energy and information to move, so they can regain health, wellbeing, alignment, and wisdom.

I am not a fan of re-inventing the wheel, and I like to give credit where credit is due... 

This website appears to have done a good job at explaining the many facets of this modality. Including a write up for a clinical trial, that shows how, simply understanding how you process energy/information, and treating you according to one of 3 ways to process energy/information, can have a huge positive impact, in your experience of physical pain.


Here is a similar study, showing a reduction in pain, and an increase in subjective wellbeing, among residents of a retirement home. Here is a 1-page article, which lists many of the diagnostic techniques used. I have access to all of these diagnostic methods, except the Kirlian EEA camera. This study shows how the brain wave induction programs can have a positive impact for (some forms of) cardiovascular disease. And finally, this study reveals, not only the negative impact of Vs, but that people don't even know they are in an at-risk state before they are administered a V, and that taking a V can make their situation worse!

My experience of this modality is: yes, we can clear your symptoms, if we look at your situation and life as a sweater with some loose threads. We have to decide what thread to pull first in order to try to fix your sweater. Sometimes we pull the wrong thread and nothing happens. This is fine. Sometimes we pull a thread and we get a lot more than we bargained for. This is also fine. The goal is to return your sweater to full functionality (if we can). It can take time, as it took you time to tie yourself in the knot you now find your self in. Sometimes things have sat in a bad shape for too long and there is no way for you to fully recover. Even so, it is possible for you to continue your life (or transition) with more peace in your heart, knowing you have done the best you can with what you’ve got. This allows you to cross the final threshold, with the wisdom we all seek to gain, in each lifetime.

The goal of this work is not to attain perfection or beauty, but to attain health and alignment, which, in itself, is extremely rewarding and beautiful. When you are in alignment, you see things you never could have before, and this is what makes life worth living.


Each person's unique gift and story is like no other.

When you are ready, this could be a way for you to Find Your Truth!

Go here to read articles I have written, about my experiences with (and my understandings of) Esogetic Medicine (for a more pure Esogetic perspective, examine the articles from the bottom up, as my earlier articles were Esogetic Medicine specific and my later articles start to mix all the modalities that I work with together).


Subscribe to my Esogetic Medicine LinkedIn page to continue to receive updates, as I work myself through the knowledge. You will know when the time is right for you to reach out, to claim your life, if this work is right for you, it may never be, and that is fine.

Love, bless, and strong, fire birds!

Below is an interview with one of my Esogetic Medicine teachers (Manohar Croke, MA in Transpersonal Psychology, Trauma, and more).


Here is one of her WRITE-UPs that I find useful to share with clients, and a post I shared (that hopefully includes live links to watch a 2-part series) about David Bohm, a physicist who inspired a lot of the founder for this modality's thinking, on how we are all one, and how we are guided to proper action by a holomovement, through our belly brain, and more:

Energy Psychology Using Light & Color WRITE-UP **

- My Post about the work of David Bohm on Astrology Truths (LinkedIn)


If you become interested in ordering some products for yourself or others, I order through one of my teachers' website. I do not take a cut, you can either order through me or through her. I find that with the USD to CAD conversion, plus customs and shipping from Germany, if you take the USD price she lists on her website and increase it by 44-50%, that is about the price I've paid in CAD for each product.


If I have some on hand, I may be able to sell the Esogetic oil for $33CAD per bottle, or $10CAD for a quarter bottle, transferred into a roller bottle.

** Below is some additional information to accompany the WRITE-UP above (I also have all the audio tracks mentioned in the WRITE-UP, if you want to try one in your next session):


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I had an earache for over two weeks. It was so painful that I couldn't sleep, this made me cry. Seeing my chiropractor (who also does cranial work) was helpful. Using hydrogen peroxide drops in my ear also helped break up and weaken the wax buildup. And then, listening to the Spirit audio track, from Esogetic Medicine, in the morning while I slept, is what finished the job. It feels so good to be back to normal.
Thank you!

10yr old

I feel a lot more balanced now. It's like when I come out of a yoga class. I never thought about taking energy out. I always thought depression meant I needed to put more energy in, but it actually feels good to pull some energy out. Thank you.

Inna Z

I really can not explain how this modality had an effect on me. I just woke up the next morning and decided it was time to clean up my basement and take charge of my business, my health, and my life. Gratitude!


I'm ready to go to school again. I'm not afraid of bugs anymore. I had a bad dream, and now its gone. Can I have another treatment?

4-5yr old

"The diagnostic process for this modality was like nothing I have ever experienced before. The amount of synchronicities identified through this process was absolutely astounding. I am shocked at how my body was pointing to all the areas I needed to heal, including my old emotional wounds that were now (and have been, across my entire life) manifesting as illness in my body. I had many questions and Alahnnaa was able to answer them all with ease. A plan for healing emerged from this process, and it has really inspired me, giving me new insights into my self and my life. Feeling Blessed. Thank you Alahnnaa, for all that you do!"

Kelly P