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Storytelling Beads


These beautiful storytelling bead are created by Numerologist and Tarot expert Valerie Inksetter (of Empowerment Tarot).

They are an excellent way to get guidance from your subconscious and higher self, to play with and understand spiritual concepts in a non-linear manner, and to express to yourself what you need, even if you do not have the words to do so.

Each string of beads is tied to a numerology number, a life path, a tarot card, a Soul Contract lesson, and an Astrological sign or planet. I use them both in teaching my clients (one-on-one) and to support my clients during Divine Healing sessions. I also use them to seek guidance for myself, my family, and my business.

This is just one of many fun tools that I have to share, to support inspiration, learning, and getting in touch with your own intuition, personal power, and ability to communicate with your self and others. Other tools include boards, maps, grids, cards (not just angel cards), puzzles, and much more!

See Elemental Magic for more fun and power. Harry Potter is popular for a reason, and it doesn't have to stay in the storybooks and movies. Magic, spirituality, and intuition are real, and they can be at your fingertips, literally, if you want them to be!

My work spans from the serious (Energy Awareness, Parenting, and Mental Health) to the practical (Resource Roundtable, BusinessRestoreChi) to the fun, and all of it is REAL!


Numerology is also incorporated into some advanced Astrology workshops and Esogetic Medicine, for which I am now a certified practitioner. For example, here is: Numerology from an Esogetic Medicine perspective

Come play with me! After all, spirituality is supposed to be FUN!



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