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Improving your relationships

Wouldn't it be nice to stop holding grudges, to stop wishing someone else would see your point of view and change, to be able to just let things go, and let people be on their own path of growth, without having it affect you so deeply?

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It is very common to see ourselves as being hard done by by our parents, by our significant other, by our extended family, by our in-laws, by our friends, etc.
But when you look at how these pivotal people are designed, and the experiences you came here to learn, you will see that, more often than not, they are playing the role that you need them to play, in order for you to learn what you came here to learn.

In addition, not all of us are aware of our unique design, psychology, needs, triggers, strengths, or our impact on others. Many times people are not even interested in learning about themselves, and we can not change them. Nor is it our job to do so.

But, if we can understand enough about how they are built, to have more compassion for how they act and re-act, we can see how we contribute to them reacting in a positive or negative way. And when we choose to behave in a more conscious manner, our experience of difficult situations can be a lot lighter. We can choose not to engage in losing battles. We can accept and support our parents, partners, extended family, in-laws, and friends, for where they are at.

Relationships are actually an opportunity for us to work on ourselves. We can do so day by day, with kindness for ourselves, at any pace that we can handle.

If you would like to forgive your parents, in laws, friends, partners, ex-partners for whatever you perceive they may have done to you, and see the bigger picture, of how everyone in our life offers us an opportunity to grow, go here to book a free, no obligation, no pressure, 15 minutes consultation.

This article (with embedded video) shows examples of partner, parent-child, and grandparent-grandchildren relationships, why some relationships are easier and some are more challenging: Understanding Evolves, Co-Parents' Struggle, Sibling Rivalry, and Your Parent-Child worldview (

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