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Understanding Evolves, Co-Parents' Struggle, Sibling Rivalry, and Your Parent-Child worldview

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

In this video:

...I present an edited version of what I presented at the Thriving Couple Common Vision Retreat in 2017. Edited, because, since the time it was created, I discovered that my birthname had a "dash" in it, and this dash should have been included as part of my Soul Contract.

Also, having gone through COVID with my husband, looking through these slides, I can now see why it was so painful for us.

In my previous article (You can know your child You can treat your child), I shared that I didn't know why I was starting my presentation with something so complex as Family Pentas. Now I can see that it was because I was being asked to return to Human Design (and Soul Contract because sometimes the difficulty is not aparent from one perspective, but it is very aparent from another), to help me understand how to support our family.

I was even able to get the Human Design for our dog, to see why adding her to our family did not improve our ability to be on time (because she does not have the channel most dogs have, that tends to add rhythm to the family).

I also added some slides that were missing, from my previous video, that show the impact of a defined center on an undefined center, when we are comparing two people (and their Human Designs). See: You can know your child You can treat your child

And, the worldview we have of children, and our role as their parents, is so important.

I share a few books that make a positive contribution, but are still outdated (from my perspective), in terms of having respect for children.

Of course, there are consequences for all our choices, and we are the ones that must live with them. But, we all have the same needs, and this is why Nonviolent Communication is so important for people to understand, which I get into more here: Understanding thoughts and emotions that drive behavior

In addition to the amazing information available about integrating the developing brain, and how the brain is broken and can be supported to clear undigested conflict and trauma (rather than forcing kids to do, when what they really need to do is heal).

Slides available here:

Callon and Alahnnaa SC and HD v6
Download PDF • 7.09MB

I think we try to control kids because we are afraid of chaos, but we don't realize how often we overshoot into rigidity, when the sweet spot is in the middle, which is learning to understand and work between what we perceive to be their chaos and what they perceive to be our rigidity, to meet everyone's needs, in the end, which is the joy (and pain) of personal growth:

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