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Master Yan: Clearing attachments and restoring balanced energy, so you can do your life lessons

While I usually get into the nitty gritty of how it works and why, this time I took my husband and 3 kids to see Master Yan, and they prevented me from asking the questions and hearing the answers, and maybe, for now, that's the point.

Our middle child had mostly social/emotional/behavioral issues. She would lose the ability to walk, fall to the ground, regress, whine, scream, storm away. This behavior was mostly directed at me because she didn't know how to work with her dad, all she would do is yell at him (no words).

Our eldest continued to have cellulite on his belly (he just turned 11yrs old) and infrequent bowel movements.

I continued to have recurrent whiplash, pain on the left side of my body (behind my heart, sciatic nerve, arch of my foot), and my hands would seize, hurt, or a finger or two would move on their own (much like Micheal J Fox's early signs of Parkinson's). Since Master Yan's treatment, I can now open a bottle of water without any pain or seizing, and I can move the tension out of my hands and wrists.

But, let's take a step back.

Before our previous session with Master Yan, our middle's issues were mostly her vision (left eye does not receive information without her glasses, and tends to turn in when she is shy, lying, or stressed). Our eldest's issues were mostly not being able to get good night's sleep, and my neck pain and dizziness were more constant. These issues resolved after our prior treatment.

This time around, our middle child was very resistant to treatment and did not open up like she did the last time she was treated. As soon as she put the speaker on, I started to get pain on the right side of my body. Our eldest got a bit of time with the big speaker on his stomach and behind his back, and this allowed his large intestine to hurt and then start to gurgle. As with last time, Master Yan said our eldest had less energy than someone his age should, and he felt our middle's issues continued to stem from her double vision which creates fear, although he did check her liver and lungs for an explanation as to why she loses the ability to speak (liver would be moodiness and lungs would be lack of energy). Her liver was still bad, related to the eyes, but her lungs were fine. She did develop a headache while we were there, maybe from anger, and he cleared that too.

For me I did not feel a shift right away, because the pain comes and goes, it's hard to know. But he said I was sitting up straighter, and I know from this book:

...we contort ourselves to move away from reminders of trauma from which we were not able to complete our defense strategy, so it is stored in our (unconscious) procedural memory. A lot of my symptoms are brought on by stress. I.e., I have a thought and then I hurt, or I am called on while in thought, and I get injured.

I am also going through the Transmitter Relay Process to undo my conditioning/programing, see:

My husband's issue were mostly being frustrated with the kids, elevated blood pressure, and continued excess weight around the middle. Master Yan's primary question for my husband was "could he breath deeply?", to which he answered "no, his breath is very shallow, all up in the chest". Since Master Yan applied his treatment, my husband continues to be able to breathe deeply, consciously, into his belly. He's still annoyed by the kids, but he also doesn't wear his speaker all the time, like our eldest and I have been doing. More on this later...

The issue our youngest presented with was anger that moves quickly through her body, she grabs and scratches herself and others, draws blood, and says "stop it, stop forcing me, you're hurting me" when no one is doing anything to her, except maybe trying to remove her from the scene.

Master Yan found that because most of us had too much fire, there must be something in the home we are living in.

From a soul contract perspective, I knew that our new home would force my husband and our middle child to work on their issues, mostly about being honest about who they truly are. And, as soon as we bought this home, the issues started between them, even when we were still living at our old house. This also coincided with our middle returning to public school (grade 2) for the first time since 2 months into junior kindergarten (when she left, due to lack of support, for social and other trauma, caused by the school). My husband's caregiver fatigue had escalated to calling our middle child names, because he is so fed up with her behavior, and this of course doesn't help.

After 24hrs of treating our home under Master Yan's instructions (which included placing a plant with a crystal/stone in the soil, in the middle of our home), our middle child said "I think the speaker and the plant are really helping, there was no yelling today in our home". I had not noticed any difference in yelling, I thought our middle and youngest child were a bit easier to work with, and my husband had not noticed any difference, but, as I shared before, he was also not wearing his speaker. He did put it on, after I shared that "he is like the person who complains he never wins the lotto, but when you ask him if he ever buys a ticket, he says no".

He has been wearing the speaker more since that time, so has our middle, because she is hoping to clear her frequent evening pain around her belly button (which Master Yan identifies as small intestines - integrating what is important, and discarding the rest).

Now let me tell you what Master Yan shared about the new speakers: they restore energy, balanced in the five elements (fire, wood, water, air, metal). What's interesting, is prior to this visit, Master Yan used to mostly work with a fan and moving his hands together (air) and treating bath, drinking water and skin via cream (thick water), but now he uses a flame (which I used to only ever see him use for clearing attachments, which our kids and home had many) and stones/crystals in shower spouts and earth/plants (which constitutes earth, wood, and metal). All 5 elements. I was drawn to learn from Master Yan because my soul contract taught me to seek out the elements.

So, Master Yan's speakers give the person back the energy they need to be able to tolerate life, others, and working on our life lessons. When we don't have enough energy for ourselves, we don't have any left to extend for others (or to do the work of life). Which is why our eldest was retreating to his room to lie down, even though he was having fun playing with his siblings, he soon got bored and needed to rest. He ran out of energy to give. And so did my husband. And, from trying to hold the family together, and learn as much as I can, to try to help, and feed my curiosity, I was burning out too.

From an Esogetics perspective, hand problems come from trying to grasp meaning, instead of letting go through the chest/heart, daath, trusting the wisdom, and passing into the next step in life.

So, Master Yan now provides, what his student Kevin has been saying for a long time:

RestoreChi can help you with your journey, it can't take you to your destination, you still need to work on your life lessons.

My husband and middle still need to face what in them has to change, we all need to let go of the habits we developed when we had less energy to do what was right. With the attachments, excess fire and yin imbalances cleared out of our home, and in each of us, this, in theory, should be easier. We have to let go of our trauma, learn, and grow.

I think anyone who is not kind is sick on some level, and they can get better. The sickness makes them harder to work with, because the unkindness makes us want to stay away. But for some people, we can reach over the barrier they put up, and pull them into health, so they can have a second chance to engage with their life lessons.

I hope this is helpful.

Here are some photos, grateful to Master Yan's team, who allowed my family to feel welcome, despite where we are at (on an emotional level). It's not easy to show up as the worst version of yourself, and I am proud of my family for doing so, and accepting the help:

The photo of the girls painting is before treatment, and the photo of my husband and our youngest and eldest hammering is after treatment. While you may not be able to see a difference, I can. It's like when our middle says "there is less yelling now", we don't hear a difference, but she feels it, because kids feel more than we do, they feel the energy, which has now been corrected in our home, according to our middle.

Our youngest was still challenging (wanting to go to the park before dinner and then not wanting to leave) and our middle still acted upset that "I left her" to take her youngest to the park, when she did not want to go. But, first of all, I had the energy to take our youngest to the park and meet her need/request, when I usually wouldn't. And I also cleaned two of my kids' bedrooms and folded all the towels in our closet, which I never had the energy to do before. And our youngest's behavior around leaving the park was still drawn out, but just the actions, with 1/3 the normal intensity, and a capacity to offer a sincere apology afterwards, for how things turned out. And our middle's complaint was resolved with a hug and a sentence, not a destroyed room and 30 minutes to diffuse (as was our usual routine, before Master Yan's treatment).

We are getting better, I hope it holds.

And, today, being the 23rd of the 5th month, in 2023, when our new house is number 2300 (where 2+3+0+0 = 5), it makes sense that I would have to speak with a specialist today about how to support our kids. I told her the truth "our family saw a healer and we may be doing better". They suggested I try to get more support from the school. But, since the school is the source of our problems, and since the specialist seems to understand this, maybe having our middle child speak to her instead is a better fit. As many parents are very concerned with the agenda the school has, to put a wedge between parent and child. And, my husband and I agreed. That alone is a miracle! We're going to get through this, together. Thanks to Master Yan giving us the energy, to continue to do the work, on our own life lessons.

For more background on Master Yan, see: The story behind RestoreChi

ps. I often find what healers are coming out with at any time reflects either what they are beginning to understand, because of the cases they have been able to work with, or, what is prevalent in society right now (maybe this is one in the same), as a solution to the traps the powers that be are putting upon us, to prevent completion of our life lessons, because, if there were no dark forces, making this game a little harder, then life would be too easy, and we would have no experiences to learn from. I am grateful for the experience, and to have the skills and contacts to make it easier, to understand what our bodies and life are trying to communicate to us, so we can shift and have the opportunity to learn and grow.

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