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What is the Transmitter Relay System (TRS)?

The Transmitter Relay System (TRS) is part of Esogetic Medicine. And treatments for the are never done until the client and practitioner know each other well.

We come into this life with a plan to work on certain lessons, then life happens to us.

The main component (First Transmitter of Memory on the forehead) of the TRS is split in half as follows:

Download PDF • 93KB

The other two components of the TRS that we treat are the Immune Relays (6th) on the sides of the torso, and the Genital Relays (7th), which we treat on the hands and feet. The Immune Relays address situations where prolonged stress has caused the person's immune system to become destabilized, functioning in a way that does not support an enjoyable life. The Genital Relay is for any boundary violation or first chakras issues (such as safety, survival, or failure to launch).

Relays 2-5 are not treated, probably because treating the outer relays (1 on top, 6 which is split left and right, and 7 at the bottom) are then reflected into the inner relays, just like we treat the skin in Esogetic Medicine, which is then reflected into the systems on the inside, and beyond.

The TRS connects all parts of the Esogetic Model, as highlighted here:

Download PDF • 8.24MB help process information better. As you can see, in the Esogetic Model, there is the Formative Field at the top (where we came from, the primordial grey), the chakras system (pure information) and the converter system (pure energy). Most people have had some exposure to the chakra system by now, and the converter system may be similar to the Triple Heater/Warmer/Burner or San Jiao concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Without energy, we have pain. Or, said another way, pain is just a part of the body crying out for more energy.

The bottom half of the Esogetic Model contains the TRS on the right, and what we find on the left (brain) and bottom (body) is what we treat with the other Esogetic treatments.

Treating the TRS also utilizes the direction of information (vertical), energy (horizontal), and matter (diagonal), which also represent sprit, soul, and body, respectively, and the ways in which we become sick. Insufficient endocrine (vertical) to be able to function well, download why we are here, and process this along with our perceptions of everything that is around us. Lymphatic issues (horizontal); inability to pump out garbage, so it collects and infections form. Degenerative (diagonal); where the body and personality become rigid, because the message is not being received, and I believe the Soul/Spirit is shutting down this life, in order to return to source sooner, to get better instructions or training, to be able to restart in the next life, with a better chance of not losing their way.

This is very different from suicide, because this path of becoming ill, has built in lessons that serve the life, and some people can turn it around. My teacher shares "the worst karma is refusing to engage with one's karma". There is no judgement from me about suicide. We all do what is best for us, so we can learn, and we all have contracts with each other, to give each other the experiences that will support growth. But I do wish we could get to more people and show them that there is a better way. There is a reason for the experiences we have, for how we feel, and there is a way out, to give back. I also wish more parents could see that their actions have consequences, which their children may not be able to recover from.

Here is an image of myself, after treating the second circle of the First Transmitter (of Memory) on the Forehead:

This was my third session. During my first session, my hands cramped so badly, that I didn't even treat the first circle. It is common to not treat the first circle in the first session, in fact, in kids, we don't treat any circles, we just "wash" the first 4 circles with colour, to help them move through their experience, without trying to undo, because they are not ready to process the information that comes from undoing their conditioning/programming yet. After treating the first circle (in my second session), I became dizzy for a few days, and needed to add brain coordination treatments to resolve this, before I wanted to move forward.

What I am noticing so far, from the TRS treatment, is that things that I would usually jump to respond to, I am now feeling how I feel, noticing that I don't have any further information yet, with which to respond, or to make decisions, that don't need to be made now, so I am letting it go, until the answer is obvious. I am also recognizing that, in the past, I was stuck in "this happened to me (or this is happening to everyone), and no one will admit that this was wrong", but the thing is, an admittance of wrongness doesn't fix anything, its just where I have been stuck. Now I can move to simply seeing what is, what was, and moving on.

I really like the quotes from this book:

...especially when he says his method (nonviolent communication) is not the point, its the boat to get you across the river, the tool, and, as the Budha says: "the person who continues to carry the boat to his destination, long beyond its usefulness to cross the river, is a fool". We can not attach to anything. Everything I do, all the modalities, are tools, to undo the garbage, that when we are caught in it, we see no way out, and when the cobwebs are cleared, or the hedges are trimmed, its like "OMG its a whole new ballgame". We give space for expression of the soul. And who doesn't like more space to dance and create and love and grow?

But, like I said, there has to be a good client-practitioner relationship, before a practitioner can take someone through this process, because the practitioner needs to be able to hold space and guide what is coming up, and the client has to engage with the process, to self-care, and inform the practitioner when their experiences are beyond their know-how to move through.

I hope this is helpful.

In closing, below is a book, written by someone who experienced the TRS, and who prior to this experience, no treatments were able to help him. While this book is more about the life of the founder of Esogetic Medicine (Peter Mandel), it goes to show what projects are possible (or inspired), when someone is freed. The author spoke no German and Peter Mandel does not speak any English, and yet, the author managed to convince Peter to let him write his life story. That says something, doesn't it?...

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