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Navigating Meltdowns

Did you know that there are 5 ways that someone's emotional system can be set up, from a Human Design perspective? It is also possible to have a combo of these emotional systems running concurrently.

If you look at someone's Soul Contract, Astrology, Gene Keys, and Human Design, you can also see the unique needs, struggles, and fears that may be running beneath the surface.

It is unfair to scold a child who is simply reflecting back other people's emotions in an amplified way. Likewise, it is unfair to ask someone to walk away and snap out of their mood, if they are designed to process their emotions and use it to find wisdom or tap into their creativity.


It is important to educate people on how our emotions affect others, but before we can do this, we need to know how each person is uniquely built, from an emotional perspective.

The way to effectively support a child who is having a meltdown because they are heartbroken, because they think something is wrong with them, because their hopes were set so high, and reality fell short, is very different from how you can effectively support a child who is having a meltdown because they are overloaded with frustrations, due to energetic overload, or from having swept so many things under the rug, that they can do so no more. Likewise, some people are naturally moody, at times, because that is their time to withdraw, to be creative, and to get a different perspective on how they might feel if they made certain life decisions.


Emotions provide wisdom and information, they are not bad.

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Here is an article (with embedded video) that I wrote on the topic:

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