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What's a Soul Contract?

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* FYI - the images above were created using, below we offer a less expensive alternative to calculate Soul Contracts, but it will only provide the numbers and symbols in table form, not the Star layout. Please see images provided on the software download page to make sure it is what you seek before you make your purchase.

Wouldn't you like to remember your plan for this life and what you came here to try to overcome (so you could see your everyday challenges as opportunities to learn your lessons)?
Would you enjoy knowing how to move through your challenges, how to attain your goals, and what your life was meant to be all about?
How much better would you feel about your life if you could align with your Spiritual Signature and flow with life?

A Soul Contract Reading (also known as the Spiritual Numerology of Moses) is an accurate, in depth, channeled system of spiritual interpretations of your birth name. Based on the Kabbalah Tree of Life, it decodes the Spiritual Map of Your Life, so you can align with and manifest your soul purpose.

It describes your:

  • karma (main challenges in life , that can be transmuted into your gifts)
  • talents 

  • goals, and 

  • soul destiny (what your life is meant to be all about)

Your chart is interpreted to place your life experiences into perspective and show you where you are going.

Specific recommendations are made to support you in moving through each component, so you can achieve your maximum potential.

Once you understand your Soul Contract, we can look at how your various names help or hinder your progress and how the people around you may challenge and support you. When you understand how it all works, you will know why certain people are in your life and what lesson your Soul is trying to get you to learn by having them push your buttons. This information will drastically improve your relationship with the people in your life, because you will be able to understand and love them for what they are trying to teach you (at a Soul level).

For parents, knowing your child’s Soul Contract can improve your relationship with them, and will empower you to guide them in life. Please visit my parent/child page for more details.

In relationships, it is always handy to know the other person's Soul Contract, so you know what buttons they are likely to push in you and how they are there to support your growth, development, and success. Knowing their Soul Contract will also give you a better understanding of where they are coming from and why they may experience life differently from how you experience it. Coupled with knowing both of your Human Designs, and how they interact, this can lead to truly conscious, supportive, and deeply fulfilling and enjoyable relationships.

For entrepreneurs, this work can support you to make sure your business is aligned with your true mission in life (which will be more fulfilling and less painful), and it will support you to send a very clear energetic message to your prospective clients, and understand when and why your message may be unclear, and what you can do to overcome ways that you may be blocking your own success! Please visit my business page for more details.

For more information on the origins of this work, this was written by my original teacher, Nicolas David Ngan.

Create your OWN Soul Contract charts using the Soul Contract Calculator.

For more information about this app (and how to decode your own Soul Contract chart), go here.

"Working with you, I learned that I have a lot of 5's in my Soul Contract, and that explained a lot of things for me. I love the work that you do because it helps people feel at peace with who they are, without constantly trying to fight who they are, because they lack awareness.
I am going to continue to do work on myself and share my truth with the world as I was meant to do.
Have a blessed day!"

Sumeet Ahuja Ahluwalia

"I was referred to Alahnnaa by my friend, when I lost my husband very suddenly and tragically. I could not understand how the Universe helped me find my love, from many years ago, be married to him for a short period, only to loose him again.
Alahnnaa went through our Soul Contract charts to help me understand the purpose of my Soul in this life, and connect the dots with why things evolved in my life the way they did, and how my late husband played a key role in helping me grow.
Our conversations helped me greatly, to come to terms with my loss. Alahnnaa was also able to guide me in terms of what I could be focusing on now, going forward.
Alahnnaa does a tremendous amount of work before each session to ensure her clients are getting valuable information. She takes great pains to provide the insight that her clients need to be able to resolve their issues.
She is passionate about making a difference in people's lives. She is one of the most authentic practitioners I have experienced, and I recommend her highly."

Tasneem Khairulla

“Thank you so much for the session Alahnnaa! Your insight explains a lot of what I’ve experienced, and most importantly it gives me the confirmation that I am following exactly what I’m here to do. I also appreciate the guidance you provided as to how I’m designed to manage challenges as they arise. I see how having confirmation like this is so valuable…even if you’ve been following your intuition, when you get to the rocky times it really helps. Loads of love.”

Maura Smith

“My Soul Contract reading taught me how important it is to ground myself (and what activities can help me feel more grounded). I am also more aware of how much 'feelings of unworthiness' underlie many of my issues and how important it is to push through these feelings, because this is an important lesson for me in this lifetime. I also know that when someone challenges me, they are lovingly asking me to step into my power and be sure of my decisions. Now that I know what my life is supposed to be about, I have made life changes so that it can happen.”

Marie N.

“Now I realize that when I used a feminine approach to my business I was happier and more successful, seeing that this is my strength I will try to go back to this approach.”

Sabrina C.

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