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Align and Optimize Your Business

Why settle for blanket advice?

Use your personal design to add 5D strategies to traditional 3D business advice

Once a client has discovered who they are, what their gifts are, and how to navigate their life. It is only natural that they would want to extend this into the business world and make a life of working on their unique craft and offering their unique gifts to others.

Like parenting, this is not a one size fits all strategy.

In fact, what works for one person, will very likely not work for another!

This is why it is important to understand your unique Human DesignSoul Contract, and Gene Keys and apply this knowledge to Maximize your Success in Business! 

You may also want to identify and clear your personal blocks to business success by:
- looking at the energy that you are putting out to your potential clients, and 
- clearing any fears or feelings of unworthiness
...using Soul Contract Business Name Optimization and Divine Healing.

As we work together, you will become very clear on:
- what you are here to do,
- who you are here to serve,
- how to market to this group of people, and
- still be yourself
- while navigating the normal ups and downs of business, and clearly reading the signs for where to go next.

Esogetic Medicine and the Healy have blown out of the water what is possible with your life, when you just let go and listen to where life (and your business) is trying to take you!
No more jumping through hoops, you just need to be you, and understand who you really are. 

If this sounds intriguing, I invite you to book a free, no obligation, 15 minutes consultation here.

For an article that I wrote on this topic, see:
 - Are you ready to be ALL IN when it comes to your business?
I wanted to let you know that I am really excited to work with you on my business vision!! I haven't been this excited for months and I feel really good about it!

Maria Fiordalisi

Working with you has saved me years of doing things the wrong way. Your human design reading revealed that something I don't enjoy doing is actually not part of my strengths and I am actually designed to partner with someone so they can do this part for me. Now I can hire this person without feeling guilty and do things right from the start. Thank you!"

Harinder Ghatora

"I’ve been a client of Alahnnaa’s for over a year.  I always gain amazing insights after all of my sessions.  Alahnnaa puts her heart and soul into each one.  She is so knowledgeable and couples that with her strong intuition and passion for wanting her clients to embrace their own unique gifts.  Recently, I had an Align and Optimize Your Business session with Alahnnaa. It far exceeded my expectations!  She used the energies from my personal Soul Contract and Human Design and compared them with my goals and potential business names.  This process allowed me to define exactly who I am trying to attract into my business.  So amazing!  Plus she does so much more.  She supports and guides you to think outside of the box, utilizing your gifts and strengths to the fullest.  If you are a new business owner or need a boost in your current business, you need to see Alahnnaa.  Her services are like no other!"

Marina George

"I had the pleasure of meeting Alahnnaa just over one year ago and shortly thereafter I had private sessions with her. Since then, I have learned so much more about myself. Alahnnaa has provided Soul Contract and Human Design readings for me, and I no longer find it difficult to trust myself. She has raised my awareness and consciousness about my divine purpose, and what I've signed up for in this lifetime - my soul's truth! She has also helped me with my business and personal names, by decoding them to maximize the vibration and energies that can be received from them. I have done a lot of work on myself and personal development, but none of it has compared to the beneficial information I have received from Alahnnaa's services. I believe strongly in her work as it has truly impacted me and my entire family. Truly amazing, and I'm grateful that we met! Thank you Alahnnaa for all that you do, and for all that you are! Not only is your work inspirational, but you are also a beautiful soul who cares so much about everyone and truly wants to support everyone live their life with "grace and ease"."

Alie Amaral

"I had a session with Alahnnaa last week and was as a follow up to a previous session with her. I have know Alahnnaa for a number of months through networking meeting and trade shows. She has always impressed me with her commitment, knowledge, and breadth of experience.

She worked with me on a number of issues and was thorough in her approach while being considerate towards my view points. She is intuitive and has a unique approach to show you how to maximize your capabilities using your inherent skills and traits. I would highly recommend her and wish her all the best on this journey."

Al-Karim Chatur

"Alahnnaa’s tools and knowledge of the human and spiritual path has really helped me align my name and business with my truest intentions. Her patience and recommendations, as well as her insights helped me hone who I am in my name and how I identify my work, offering me a clearer pathway forward in what I’m trying to attain. I highly recommend experiencing her work if you feel stuck in how you are presenting yourself to the world."

Heather Elizabeth Warren

"Recently I invited my Facebook followers to help me name my upcoming retreat. I couldn’t land on a name I felt comfortable with and I was curious what their feedback might be. Entrepreneur, Alahnnaa Campbell, graciously responded to my request and offered to provide me with a 15 minute Soul Contract demo. I accepted.
During our conversation Alahnnaa shared how the name of my retreat could not only affect the success of my endeavor, but it could also dictate the type of participants I would be attracting. During our discussion I introduced my original name for the retreat and Alahnnaa showed me how the energy in this name would attract attendees who were a much better fit for what I was looking for, compared to the potential retreat names that I shared with my Facebook followers for their feedback.
With a simple name change my retreat is now aligned to attract and send a clear energetic message to my attendees on the type of transformation and support they would receive by attending my retreat.
Alahnnaa was very generous with her time and expanded our discussion to include how my name (my full birth name, my common name since birth, and my current married name), along with my business name, direct how I show up in the world. If you are looking to understand your life plan, and to embrace this plan so that you can flow with life, I highly recommend that you contact Alahnnaa. She has a solid understanding of this system and is clear and confident in her delivery. Thank you so much Alahnnaa!"

Tammy Adams

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