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Navigating Anger

Its tough when our kids are angry! Especially when we are sensitive to the emotions of others and we do not feel confident in holding space for them to process this anger, or we feel judged by others for our kids' behaviour, or our lack of expected discipline in certain situations.

There are some kids who are more prone to anger than others. This is easily visible by looking at their Human Design, Soul Contract, and Astrology. Someone's Gene Keys will also show you what a child needs or the skills they are trying to develop, some of which may manifest as anger if their needs are not met.

A common reason for anger is not wanting to be controlled. Some children are quite capable of making their own life decisions and taking care of themselves, yet, as their parents we often feel the need to control such kids. Another common reason for anger is being sensitive and emotionally overloaded. Yet another is perceived dis-empowerment that needs to find its voice. 

When you understand where your child's anger is coming from (by looking at their unique design), you can take a step back, hold a strong energetic space, allow the anger to process out of your child, and put in place better self-care strategies and ways to advocate for one's needs, so next time your child has ways to try to prevent the anger from building to such high levels.

Anger is not one of the worst emotions that someone can feel. If you look at the Scale of Consciousness, you will see, Anger is much higher and less destructive to the overall health and well-being of a child than Shame or Guilt. Anger is simply a clear sign that a self-care need has not been met.


As a society we need to allow children and parents to express their anger, at times, so long as they use this experience to put into place better self-care methods for next time.

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