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Support Their Light ~ A service for parents with sensitive kids

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This page is outdated and I won't have time to revamp it for a while.

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This article, with embedded video, offers my most recent overview of how my services (or the modalities that I work with) can support families or anyone working with children: You can know your child You can treat your child

This page applies to parenting, or working with kids in any capacity (grandparent, aunt/uncle, caregiver, teacher, childcare/camp staff, etc). If you are interested in understanding your relationship with your own parents (or partner, coworker, family member, friend, etc) please visit my Relationships Page.

There’s a lot of advice out there on how to guide and nurture your child's development. The problem is, not all of it is applicable to every family or child, and to try to keep up with everyone else is mad-making and often makes us worry that there is something wrong with us - which is a recipe for stress-related chronic illness and burn out.


It doesn't have to be this way!


There are ways to gain insight into your child’s unique and specific psychology. To see the world through their eyes - how they feel, how others affect them, what they need, and more. We are all very different, so are our kids.


Parents often say “I wish my child came with an owner's manual”. They do!

The information available through Human DesignSoul Contract, Gene Keys, and Astrology is extremely valuable and practical to support parents, caregivers, and educators. At the very least, it is an opportunity to have a structured discussion about your child and consider things you may not have otherwise thought of.

Some topics that can be addressed through Human Design and Soul Contract for kids include:

  • Their personality and potential red flags

  • Their strengths

  • Understanding their emotional patterns

  • How to support them to work through difficult emotions

  • Their ideal environment

  • Their dietary preference, and why it is important to take this into consideration

  • Their natural sleep strategy

  • Their specific learning style

  • Their decision making strategy

  • The best way to motivate them, and ways that will not work for them

  • Their potential fears and vulnerabilities

  • Their life purpose

  • Who they are growing into

  • How they can protect themselves

  • How they can manage stress

  • How they can advocate for their needs

  • How others affect them

  • Understanding and supporting them to work through their challenges

  • How their Human Design or Soul Contract interacts with your Human Design or Soul Contract

  • The Family Unit

  • Friendships and other Relationship Dynamics

  • ...and much more

The following modalities are also supportive for parents and kids: Esogetic Medicine, RestoreChi, Divine Healing, Energy Awareness, Elemental Magic, Queldon Mudras (there are also mudras associated with the Gene Keys that may help), and the Information Field.

Here are some examples (of the many Parent-Child articles I have written) that show how each modality can support families and children (and those who work with children and families):

Family healing is a journey. We can take it one step at a time, together, until you don't need me anymore :)

Here are some videos from my YouTube channel that may be of interest to you:

"The reason for my session with Alahnnaa was to gain more insight and understanding into my son and his life plan. He has been struggling and it's hard to know how to support him best. To say the session was helpful is an understatement. It provided so much insight into his current needs and also how to help him as he grows. There was lots of information given and after making just a few small tweaks in how we talk to him and prepare him for things he already seems more at ease. I know this information will continue to be valuable and am grateful to be able to reference it back, as well as have Alahnnaa to reach out to for support. I think this session would be helpful for any parent looking for a deeper understanding and connection with their child and I highly recommend it!"

Jessica Fackelmann

The Unconventional Mom

Working with Alahnnaa helped me heal mother wounds, and watching how kind she is to her kids, has helped me do the same, which has resulted in my kids and I having a waaaaaay better relationship.
"Alahnnaa's Human Design and Soul Contract helped me understand my kids better as well as realize that they are here to help me grow. I also started to see them as independent creative beings. Her advice allowed for me to grow as a mother and a woman. I learned to accept that there were things that were out of my control and work with both my sons on a spiritual level. She helped me solve my younger son's night terrors using the Human Design and Soul Contract.
I love learning from her so that my family can live a wholesome happy life."

Nida Zaffar Rizvi

"Alahnnaa's insight into how to better support children in our centre, by focusing on their gifts, has been very helpful in increasing positive interaction.

Michelle Knoll, Executive Director

Oak Park Neighbourhood Centre

"I recommend anyone reading this, if you have children at any age, to get a reading from Alahnnaa Campbell. She can really provide insight, that is practical and precise. You'll wonder how she could know so much. 

Our kids came with a OWNER MANUAL unique to them, and she has the ability to locate your kids' MANUAL and share amazing things that will drastically empower you and your children."

Joseph ZatKieal Syverson

"I was facing some challenges with my teen and didn’ t know where to turn. Going to a Doctor or Counsellor wasn’t an option. Alahnnaa offered to do a session keeping my child’s Human Design and Soul Contract in mind. I asked my teen if they were open to go and talk to my friend who had experienced similar issues and they agreed. Alahnnaa made the session super informal and very comfortable. My teen opened up and started sharing things that I didn’t realize were happening. Alahnnaa’s approach was connecting with my teen at their level and simply having a supportive conversation. She provided new ways to look at things and suggestions on how to move forward. A non-judgmental, third party chat really made a huge difference. After the session my teen felt like they were heard and supported and were able to look at things from a new angle. We will definitely go back for another session. Thank you Alahnnaa."
"Alahnnaa helped me understand how my and my daughter’s human designs make us both sensitive, and explained to me how I can break the escalating cycle of emotions between us. We have been able to develop a much less stressful way of interacting thanks to her insights!"

Amanda Boucher

"My daughters reading with Alahnnaa was really insightful. It was helpful to hear what energies she had, her gifts/talent areas and also the areas to potentially look out for. Armed with this extra information its definitely made parenting a lot easier. I can connect with her on a deeper level, so she feels really understood"

Astara Shivani Johnson

"I reached out to Alahnnaa because I wanted her support to assist my child in establishing love and respect for himself. And to support him to be able to focus on the positives in his life vs. the negatives.
Speaking with Alahnnaa before her session with my son gave me a lot of relief and comfort (as a parent). Knowing that she can review his Human Design, Soul Contract, Astrology, and Gene Keys charts before the session, reassured me that the support she would provide him with, would be very precise and allow him to really learn about himself, his unique strengths and challenges, and how he can start to make progress towards finding peace and balance in his life.
Alahnnaa is a very valuable practitioner for parents who struggle with helping their children be motivated to find their path and peace in their lives."

Anonymous, to respect the privacy of the child

"Alahnnaa's Human Design and Soul Contract services have helped me to better understand the natural tendencies, strengths, abilities and gifts of my family, as well as the lessons we're each meant to experience and grow from. I look forward to learning more so I can help my family flourish!"

Tamarisk McNalty-Stephens

"I was impressed with the amount of preparation and thought that went into Alahnnaa's Human Design Reading for my son.  Alahnnaa was very insightful regarding my son and encouraging to me as a parent. This was a very interesting experience that can help shed light on relationships in a different way!"

Donna R.

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