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Navigating Picky Eaters

By Human Design there are 12 ways in which someone may prefer to eat. Knowing your child's unique eating preference can make navigating picky eating so much easier.


There is actually a great benefit to respecting your child's unique way of eating. If they are able to eat in a way that makes sense for their unique design, they will be able to extract more nutrients from their food, and they will be able to maximize how they use their brain. I actually had a client who's daughter was experiencing hallucinations, in part, because her dietary preference was not being respected.


Rather than battle your child to eat what you think is best for them, why not take a look at their unique design and see if this helps you make a more well-rounded decision on how much to enforce verses allow, when it comes to how your kids eat?


If this interests you, go here to book a free no obligation 15min consultation.


Here is an article that I wrote on this subject: 

 - The possible link between child eating preference and brain function

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