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Soul Contract Calculator

The Soul Contract Calculator will allow you to calculate your own Soul Contract charts.


Here are some user instructions and helpful tips, to consider when using the app:

1) There are two types of Soul Contracts that you can look up: a Person's Name (i.e., first and last, first middle last, birth or common name, etc.) or Any Other Name (i.e., nickname, the name of a business, pet, address, website, etc.). Please note, a Person's Name with less than 10 letters will only get 3 sets of numbers (Karma, Talents, and Goals), as opposed to 7 sets of numbers (Physical Karma, Talents, Goals, Spiritual Karma, Talents, Goals, and Soul Destiny) and a possible Dominant Vibration. Not all names have a Dominant Vibration. Any Other Name will also only get 3 sets of numbers (Foundation, Abilities, and Success), and no Dominant Vibration.

2) You need to type out the phonetics for everything that you pronounce when you say the name.


For example "A&W" can not be entered like this into the calculator, you would need to enter "ay and double you".


Likewise "" can not be entered like this into the calculator, you would need to enter "alahnnaa eighteen at your life plan dot see ay".


For addresses you need to enter the numbers as most people would say them, i.e., "236 Homeland Dr" would become "Too Three Six Homeland Drive", unless everyone called it "too hundred and thirty six...", etc. (see table below, as some numbers and letters are not spelt as you might expect, due to more popular phonetic sounds)

For hyphenated names, you would include the hyphen/dash only if it is said explicitly (same goes for a "/", or any other symbol, do you say "slash" when you read it, or do you say "and or" etc). So, if someone is deliberately named "Anna dash Marie" for "Anna-Maire" then you include the "dash" when you enter it into the calculator, but if someone is called "Mary Jo" even though their name is spelt "Mary-Jo" you would not enter the word "dash" into the calculator because it is not said out loud. For phonetic translations for English numbers and letters, see below.

3) This system works only for words written with English pronunciations (this includes all forms of English, for people born in an English-speaking country, named by someone who pronounced their name with an English accent). For names pronounced with any other language you will need to do a phonetic translation. Phonetic translation is something that requires explicit training to be able to do, you cannot just guess at it. For phonetic translations or any other questions, go here to book a paid session, and I would be happy to guide you further. 

4) See "The subtleties of a Soul Contract translation (TAH)" for full disclosure on some decisions we have locked into the Soul Contract Calculator, to make it easier for a novice user to use. If you are unsure on how you can make use of the Soul Contract Calculator, go here: What you can do with the Soul Contract Calculator...

Go here to download the Soul Contract Calculator app (free 24hr trial available before purchase, you can also see images of the app's user interface from the download page). FYI - the current app only works on devices running the Windows platform, to get this app to run on an Apple platform, you will need to run Windows 10 through the Mac app called Parallels

For ongoing tips on how to use this app and to be notified when the mobile version is released, follow/subscribe here:

Below is my teacher (Nicolas David Ngan)'s verified phonetic translation for English numbers and letters. And his book which you can use to help you understand the meaning for each number/symbol and the background for the Soul Contract modality can be found here: Your Soul Contract Decoded: Discovering the Spiritual Map Of Your Life With Numerology

NDN phonetics.jpg
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