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What you can do with the Soul Contract Calculator...

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

You may wonder: "Why do I need a Soul Contract Calculator? I'm not a trained Soul Contract Practitioner, I don't know what any of this means!"

Well, don't sell your self short! If you have come to me for a Soul Contract reading, or had Soul Contract as part of one of your sessions with me (for your self, your child, your relationships, family, or business), then you know enough to make use of this handy app.

Here are some examples:

1) Let’s say you know a place that seems good, but for some reason the odd person claims to have had a bad experience there. Maybe you want to know if you or your child might also have a bad experience there. And if you do, maybe you want to know why (on a deeper soul level)?

You can look at the energy of a business name, using the Soul Contract Calculator, to see if it carries numbers that match yours or your child's physical or spiritual karma or goals.

Some business names carry numbers that tend to trigger hurt feelings in people who are not ready to face tough lessons. Like the 14-5 (learning about oneself through tough relationships), the 9 (learning to step into one's power, as a result of feeling disempowered), or the 1 (learning about integrity, by seeing or experiencing people who act out of integrity).

Even though a business may carry these numbers with the best intentions, not everyone feels that way, because they are simply not ready.

Here are a couple examples:

a) A well run community center (Foundation 6-6), who meet people where they are at (Abilities 8-8) , and give people an opportunity to step into their power, if they are ready (Success 9-9):

b) An alternative school, that may be hard to find (the 5 in the Foundation 14-5), where you might experience shocking lessons filled with truth (the 14-5 in the Foundation and Success), even though the core of the business is about trust, nature, and children (the Abilities 4-4):

2) Also, if you run a business that carries one of the numbers above (9, 14, 5, or 1), you can also look up the numbers of the people who blame you for things you never intended, to see if this soul lesson may lay beneath what just happened, and, if so, don’t go further than self comfort and sending them energetic support and love.

Regardless of their numbers, when things go sideways for you, take some time to consider if you are also being taught another layer of this lesson, as a byproduct of carrying this number in your business name (or address).

3) The same line of thinking applies if you try to launch a business or product that carries numbers with a lesson that you yourself are not ready to work on.

If you are having trouble getting something off the ground, take a look at the numbers in the name you have assigned to the offering and see: does it carry one of your lessons, or does it carry none of your personal numbers (meaning that it doesn’t align energetically with the energy you naturally put forward, people can feel this, and it can prevent them from engaging with you, because energetically you are saying you are not ready to serve in this way)?

You can also look for the traditionally challenging lessons, that could make it harder to get something off the ground (i.e., 21-3, 12-3, and 22-4).

I used to think very negatively about the 21, because it is about “building endurance, by doing life the hard way; rolling the boulder uphill”, however, recently I’ve considered its connection with Uranus energy:

In my natal astrology, I have Uranus conjunct the Sun and Mercury, and I have always seen this as a gift.

With this in mind, looking at the link between Uranus and the 21-3, the Sun and trust (4-4), and Mercury and speaking up for the little guy (17-8 energy), I can appreciate why living my life purpose is so painful at times.

This is one of the reasons I love astrology and the gene keys: self acceptance, and our life lessons, are not always easy, but when you can see this on paper, you can love, accept, and forgive your self a lot more.

To learn more about how I use astrology in my practice go here, classes are also available here.

4) I’ll add a bit more to the 17-8, as naming our family dog with this lesson not only may have contributed to her bark, but also to my need to step into this painful role to be a voice (17) and set my self-care boundaries, knowing when to share and when to self-care, and feeling the pain of being a sensitive soul in a body (all lessons of the 8, one of my personal dominant energies).

But I digress, while also adding that - yes you can look up the names of your pets as well!

3) again. Back to the above, in both the 21-3 and the 12-3, the 3 is about needing to work on your worthiness, and to be able to listen and communicate properly, in order to make and keep money. And, in the 12-3, the 12 is about watching out for non-committal headless chickens, who will give you the run-around and burn you out, if you jump on board every single possible lead, they sure will take you for a ride.

And the 22-4 is about ugliness to beauty, you need to know who you are, and that you have a lot to offer, and trust that there is a bigger picture, with more perspectives than you may have originally signed up for, just look up the energy behind Facebook and you will see - ugliness to beauty (more ugliness than I can face at this time).

Also, be mindful when you ask for input from someone who carries a 21-3 in their soul contract. Their response is bound to make your life harder rather than easier, but they are use to this, and, if you can handle the growing pains, their contribution will be a gift to your life. You know who you are, and I am sending you love.

5) On the opposite side of the spectrum, what if you come across someone you are drawn to and you don't know why?

This could be because they carry a number in their talents that you carry in your karma or goal. This karma/goal to talent match must be within the same category (physical or spiritual) to apply. This is called a lock.

Sometimes, spending time with a person who creates a lock with you can help you grow. And sometimes, after a while, you become tired of this person always standing above you, and you know it is time to part ways, so you can climb on your own.

Here's an example:

a) Person A carries a 20-2 in their Physical Goal (2 is about learning to take their time, to see things from multiple perspectives, so they can make wiser decisions, and ultimately learn to choose inner peace over outer war, the 20), and an 11-2 in their Spiritual Karma and Goal (11 is about needing to shed dysfunctional patterns, to build their own structure of truth):

b) Person B carries Physical and Spiritual Talents 11-2. For a while, this is just what Person A needs, to get going on the 2 in their Physical Goal and the 11 in their Spiritual Karma and Goal (explained in a) above). But after a while, Person A pushes Person B away, because Person A doesn’t want to feel inferior to Person B any more, and Person A is ready to stand on their own two feet, without anyone else trying to pull them up hill:

6) Sometimes, no matter what you try or how much you wish, someone will just bring out the worst in you. This could be because you share the same Karma or Goal. This is called a clash.

The only way to stop this type of pain, is to do some work on your self in this area.

Often you will see this in family members. It takes unconditional love, and being very conscious that there is more at play, in order to grow and overcome this experience.

In our family we have a lot of clashing numbers. It’s not always pretty, but when we can see it from a bigger perspective, we can celebrate that we are getting better and better every day.

For example, my husband and both our daughters carry clashing 10-1s in their Spiritual Karma, and they all behave out of integrity at timea. Our 5yr old will lie right to your face, steal stuff from her baby sister, and she and her sister will think nothing of kicking the other off the couch or in the face. My husband will say about both his daughters: "just break their heart and let them cry, then they will learn". Nice eh? And I, with a Spiritual Talent 10-1 (in one of my names), will remind them when they are being mean, looking down from my mountain top of integrity, and so it goes.

7) Finally, you may know what message you want to send to others, or what lessons you want to work on.

Being able to see if these energies are included in a person's name, business name, website, email, tag line, article title, etc. may be a way to align yourself with your true intentions, or at least know what to expect if you are not aligned. See 3) and 4) above for more on what it means to be “aligned” with the energies of your (business) offering.

In the end, I created this app to empower my clients, to understand what is really going on behind the scenes, so they can make more conscious choices for what they are ready to learn, and to love themselves when something ends up being harder than they thought, or a bit of a disappointment.

Go here to download the Soul Contract Calculator, very affordable, free 24hr trial before you buy, and reach out if you have any questions.

Please note the Soul Contract Calculator only works on devices running the Windows platform at this time, go here for more details.

Love, Bless, and Strong, Now and Always.

Alahnnaa Campbell

Family Dynamics and Life Purpose Specialist


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